build muscle

My name is Jason Maxwell and I am a nutrition coach, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) under the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and have my FMS – Level 1.  Helping people lose fat and gain muscle is my passion.  It’s just way too much fun helping people to look way better naked.

My Story

  • Grew up in a small town less with less than 3500 people.
  • Was a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan as a kid… Actually, I still am…
  • Was fat until I hit puberty, then I kind of grew out of my tubby-ness.
  • Was skinny-fat all through high school (even though I played every sport).
  • I started lifting weights in my senior year of high school in order to get stronger for football.
  • After starting to lift weights, I was seeing some results, but I was still skinny-fat.
  • Went to Ryerson University in Toronto and got my nutrition and lifting dialed in.
  • Gained 20lbs of muscle my first semester and got leaner in the process.  I wasn’t skinny-fat anymore.
  • I became obsessed with everything to do with fitness and nutrition.
  • I started personal training, online coaching, and writing.  This blog was the result of me consistently screwing up until I finally got it right.