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2 Aug 2011 by jmaxfitness, No Comments »
Riddle me this…

I have a great idea.  It consists of you guys asking me fitness/health/nutrition related questions, and I’ll answer them.  It’ll be my gift to you.  I’ll release the answers to your questions in a monthly article.  Sound good?  I thought so.

Ok, here’s how to ask:  Send me your questions by filling out the form below with the subject line: “Your Questions Answered”.  If you feel like remaining anonymous, ask your question in the comments box below.  Simple.

Warning:  Immature questions, or questions unrelated to fitness, health, or nutrition will be deleted and ignored.  Don’t waste your own time and don’t waste mine.  This will make our lives more enjoyable.

Until then, I’ll be looking forward to your questions…



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