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If you would like to build big arms that nearly all women can't resist, then this is going to be the most important message you ever read...

Do you think that building big arms is easy?

Daniel Campbell does, and he's been proving it by using a single 3 phase secret that allowed him to add 1-inch to his arms in 31 days and keep them that way for the past 2 years...despite his shitty genetics, bad diet, and drinking beer every night before bed. What's more, he's about to teach you everything he knows.

It's a riveting story (especially if you want to get big arms, yourself).

Let's go back a few years. At this time, Daniel was your average guy with shitty arm genetics. His whole family had small and weak arms, and Daniel was no different. In fact, his 14-inch pythons were the biggest in his family, but the smallest of his friends and other guys at the gym.

"Most guys are embarrassed about the size of their 'you know what', but I was more self-conscious about the size of my arms." - Daniel Campbell

At least you can hide the size of your "you know what". With your arms, it's not that easy.

Daniel tried everything to build his arms: drop sets, rest pauses, heavy weights with low reps, high reps with light weights... The list goes on, but sadly, nothing worked.

He'd never wear t-shirts. He was too embarrassed. He'd cover up his small arms with sweaters or jackets, even when it was hot out. On the hottest days, he'd be forced to wear a t-shirt, and he didn't even look like he lifted weights.

When he went to the gym, he'd go at off-hours to train his arms so that no one else would see how puny they were.

On top of this, if he ever talked to a girl, he'd keep his arms crossed to make his arms look bigger. One time, he approached a girl at a bar and started chatting with her. He crossed his arms, and his mind went blank. He couldn't speak because all he could think about was how his arms looked: small.

He didn't listen to a word she said. He started to sweat. "Is she looking at my small arms?!" 60 seconds into the conversation, she escaped the situation by heading to the bathroom; feeling creeped out over this weird silent guy who wouldn't uncross his arms.

That night, Daniel left the bar early. He laid in bed staring at the ceiling. Hour by hour, the clock ticked by, and he started to cry. Now, Daniel isn't a religious man, but what happened next was Daniel's last straw. He prayed. Begging to God for an answer. "How do I get bigger arms?"

The next day, he was awoken by a knock at his door. The postman was there with the mail. After sorting through the junk mail, he found a back-end issue of a bodybuilding magazine from the 70's that he ordered on eBay.

Sifting through it, he came across an article of some unknown bodybuilder's routine for building big arms. This was his last chance. He took the crumpled magazine to the gym and got to work.

The program used a 3 Phase system for training your arms: the PFS formula:

Phase 1 - Pump

Most arm routines get you to finish your workout with a pump. With this routine, you start with a pump.

Phase 2 - Force

After you get a nice pump in your arms, you train them for strength. If you're not getting stronger, then you're not getting bigger, and when you train for strength after getting a pump, more blood reaches the muscles, allowing them to grow.

Phase 3 - Stretch

New research shows that you can increase the size of a muscle by stretching it under load. In the stretch phase, you train your biceps and triceps with exercises that have an over-exaggerated range of motion, allowing you to get a nice stretch.

Daniel used this routine, and his arms hurt for the next 5-days. He took this as a queue that the program might work, so he committed to using the routine for a full month at twice a week.

Day after day, he could feel his arms getting bigger. After the first week, it felt like his arms were permanently pumped up. At the end of the month, he measured his arms and he added 1-inch to his biceps and triceps.

"I remember going to H&M and buying a green v-neck tee. I took it to the change room, tried it on, and it was actually tight around my arms (which never happened before)."

That night, he wore it to the bar with his friends. He felt confident AF. For the first time in his life, girls were approaching him. At one point, he was talking to a cute blonde girl for 40 minutes. She went to the bathroom, and 15 seconds later, another girl swooped in and started feeling up his arms. The bartender laughed at him as he tried to shoo this girl away like a hungry pigeon in the park.

Later, he arrived home at 3 am with 6 phone numbers and the cute blonde girl. I'll let you fill in the details from here.


Either way, the 3 Phase PFS Formula works, and it's exactly what the Anaconda Arms Challenge is based on. If you want to add up to an inch to your arms this month, then you owe it to yourself to join the challenge today for only $1.


Anaconda Arms Challenge

Anaconda Arms Challenge

Add up to 1-inch to your arms in 31 days with this 3 Phase PFS Biceps and Triceps Building Secret.

Yes, Send Me The Workout For $1

Created By Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist turned Fitness Professional. Because of this, he appreciates the science of helping people get jacked and lean.

Here are 4 things you should know about him:

-He graduated Top 3 in his class with a Bachelor of Engineering.

-He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems.

-He has a Master's level nutrition certification.

-He knows how to get results based on science and its applications.

With Anaconda Arms, You Will Learn:

  • How to build your arms without chasing the pump.
  • A proven 3-phase secret (discovered by pro bodybuilders in the 1970's) to build your arms quickly.
  • How to gain up to 1-inch on your arms and fill out your t-shirt sleeves so you actually look like you lift. Perfect for the summer!
  • The "PFS Method" that explodes your arms so fast, you’d gladly let someone castrate you in order to learn it.
  • A secret “back door” way of building your arms while you sleep.
  • How to increase testosterone levels by simply working out.
  • You can't build your arms with baby weights, right? Wrong.
  • The one arm workout used by John Meadows (who arguably has some of the biggest arms in bodybuilding) to build your biceps quickly.
  • A 40-minute biceps and triceps workout so ruthless you’d trade in your first-born child to learn it.
  • The "PFS Arms Secret". Amazing!
  • A sneaky way to get massive triceps (which NOBODY is doing but they really should because it works).
  • A forgotten biceps exercise (used by recovering polio patients in the 1940's) that will make everyone else at the gym respect you and all women attracted to you.
  • Want big arms? Do this.

...and much, much more.

Anaconda Arms Challenge

31 Day Arm Specialization Program

The Anaconda Arms Challenge is an easy to follow, brutally effective 31-day arm specialization program. Use it to add up to 1-inch to your arms in 31 days.

It is a 100% digital product. You can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or print it. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the PDF files which includes:

Max Fit Lab Workout-of-the-Month: Anaconda Arms Challenge

Join the Anaconda Arms Challenge to build your arms this month.  Turn your Gardiner snakes into Anacondas with this brutally effective (yet easy-to-follow) arm specialization program. The whole program is based on the 3-Phase PFS System proven to build bigger arms.

With this fun, easy-to-follow workout, you have the choice to train 3x, 4x, or 5x per week.

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There are workouts for people who train 3 times per week, 4 times per week, and 5 times per week, and each workout takes about 60 minutes to perform. You will need access to barbells, dumbbells, and cables.

This month's Workout of the Month is the component mentioned above.

Complete Nutrition Package

You will use nutrition to dictate whether you are building muscle, or losing fat.

Included in the nutrition section is a nutrition calculator that tells you how many calories, proteins, carbs, and fats to be eating daily.

As a bonus, I've created a complete course teaching you how to use Flexible Dieting, how to track your macros (the easy way), how to choose your goal, my top recommended supplements, and much more.

Private Facebook Community

Researchers say that you're a combination of the 5 people closest to you.  In other words, if you hang out with a bunch of obese people that don't work out, then you are more than likely to become an obese person who doesn't work out.

Alternatively, if you surround yourself with like-minded people with the same goals as you, you can get jacked together, and the process becomes easier.

That's why I created the Private Facebook Community.  Everyone works together doing the same workouts, with the same goal, supporting each other and keeping each other accountable.  This keeps you motivated to stay on track and stick with the program.

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Exercise Video Library

The problem with most workout programs is that they don't show you how to do the exercise.

With the Max Fit Lab, we've filmed every exercise you can think of and included it in an extensive video library. Any time you see an exercise in your workouts that you don't know, you can look it up in the library. The library works on any device with an internet connection.

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Proof That The Max Fit Lab Workout-of-the-Month Is Amazing Value

For everything you get in the Max Fit Lab, here's what you'd expect to pay if you were buying everything separately:

Monthly professionally periodized workout program to build lean muscle, shred fat, and get stronger.

Value: $200 Per Month

Personalized macronutrient calculations, flexible dieting guidance, and dietary supplementation plan.

Value: $200 Per Month

A comprehensive guide on how to track macronutrients and adjust your diet so that you lose fat or build muscle on command.

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Complete exercise video library showing you how to do almost every exercise known to man.

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