fat loss on easy mode

How to Put Your Fat Loss on Easy Mode

If you search for “how to lose fat,” you’re going to find millions of articles, tips, and tricks, all promising that they finally have the solution. This article is different.
Rather than talk about specific techniques, I want to talk about mindset. In the fitness industry, we have an endless amount of diets you can follow. Every few years, some old strategy is recycled as the latest, greatest, cutting-edge fat loss strategy, and there’s no clear winner. There’s no right or wrong diet; you just need to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and preferences.


The easy mode switch I’m going to show you how to flip on?

It’s a not a switch at all. It’s a mindset.

It’s way of approaching your diet that can work with any method out there. Unless you’re that guy who tries to get all of their carbohydrate intake from donuts and “stay healthy” with a cheap multivitamin, this method can apply to your diet, whatever said diet may be.

And if you’re the donut guy? Best of luck to you, friend.

Why Do We Need an “Easy” Mode?

Look, losing fat is the easiest process in the world. Simple? Yes. Easy? No.

It may be easy at first, but I don’t think anyone would consider dieting to be “fun.” As a coach, my job is to find the best way to help my clients get in shape, and that starts with myself. I don’t ever ask a client to do something I haven’t done myself, and everything I’m about to say has made a huge difference in my life since I’ve adapted this mindset.

If you’re tired of feeling restricted, hungry, and wallowing in self-pity just because you ran out of carbs today, get ready to turn that attitude around.

fat loss on easy mode


How to Smash That Easy Button

Ready for the big secret? The one-weird-trick other trainers hate me for? The 10-minute fix to all of your problems?


Rather than play “how much junk can I fit into my diet and still see progress,” play “how much good food can I fit into my diet to maximize my health and fat loss.”

Silly? No. If you’re the person who walks around complaining about their diet, counting down the minutes until your next cheat meal, and making sure you save carbs for your favorite Pop-tart, you’re doing it wrong. Those things are fine, in moderation. They shouldn’t be a staple of your diet.

Walking around complaining about your diet will not only leave you in constant state of complaining and negativity, but you’re probably going to feel a bit more hungry, and you’ll definitely have less than optimal health on the inside, regardless of what the scale may say.

Still here, donut guy? You may be losing fat, but I can almost guarantee you’d feel much better, and give yourself a lot more micronutrients if you replaced those daily pre-workout donuts with some sort of food that actually has nutritional value.

Before we go, let me say that I know you can eat anything and still lose weight. Earlier this week I had a little bit of ice cream and a glass of my favorite whiskey (not together, of course), but that’s the exception, not the norm.

If you’ve been playing macro Tetris, trying to cram in all of your favorite foods as your calories get lower and lower, you’re in for a miserable ride. Instead, take those same low macros, and try to see how much good you can do for your body.

fat loss on easy mode


Signs to Guide Your Way

This sounds like I’m just telling you to eat more vegetables, right? Well, yes and no.

When setting up diets, both for myself and my coaching clients, there are a few factors I pay attention to. Obviously we want to see the scale move and fat disappear, but there are other factors that are equally, if not more important.

In no particular order, I pay attention to digestion, hunger, energy levels, fiber intake, and healthy fat intake, in addition to the usual culprits like daily water intake, sleep, and activity levels.

As your calories get lower and lower, you’re going to be eating less food. Because your body isn’t getting what it’s used to, it’s even more important that calories you do consume provide the greatest possible nutritional value.

If you’re only taking in 40 grams of fat each day, do you really want those coming from your evening ice cream? You’re probably much better off trying to get healthy fats, like olive oil, avocados, and anything high in omega-3s. It’s boring, but your health will thank you years from now. Your cravings can sit move to the back burner for a while. Short term sacrifice for long-term benefits.

fat loss on easy mode

Besides making sure your macros come from good foods, make sure you can actually digest and utilize the foods you eat. Dieting isn’t going to be easy, but it’s going to be even worse if you choose foods that leave you feeling bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable after your meals. If you eat something on a regular basis, but find you always have stomach issues after said food, get rid of it. You don’t need it to continue making progress.

With every meal, try to fit in as many micronutrients and probiotics as you can. It’s important to give your body everything it needs to run at an optimal level, so making sure you get micros for your health, and probiotics for your gut is a fantastic start. Anytime you can add a variety of vegetables in different colors, or fermented foods like sauerkraut or kimchi to your meal, do it. You’ll be adding volume, flavor, and massive health benefits.

If you’re struggling with your diet and see it as the most restrictive thing in the world, give this game a try. Every time you eat, see how far you can stretch your macros to pack that meal full of healthy foods. Your body will thank you, I promise. And hey, you might just find you actually enjoy the dieting process a bit more.


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