Top 40 Fitness Professionals Who Will Make a HUGE Impact in 2014

top 40 2014It is that time of the year again. Time for me to breakdown the top fitness professionals to keep on the lookout for 2014.

Now we all know how much information there is on the internet but how do you know what is good or what isn’t good? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

The names found on this list are on here for a reason. Do yourself a favor and follow these people. Check their blogs regularly, subscribe to their newsletters, and hit them up on social media.

Let the games begin!

1384282_574732552563763_749049667_a1. Juggernaut Training Systems

‘The Strongest Team in the World’, compiled of some of the best powerlifters, strongmen, Cross fit competitors, Olympic lifters and highland game competitors to walk the planet. This dream team is taking over the strength training world with their outstanding seminars, top notch articles and products. When these guys (and gals) talk, you listen. It’s that simple. Watch out for big things from some big people.


top 40 fitness professionals2. Precision Nutrition

The team over at Precision Nutrition never lets us down. ‘Real coaching. Real research. Real results’…pretty much says is all. This amazing group of leaders in the fitness industry continually produces easy to implement research-driven nutrition coaching for all types. They constantly generate new research and have coached over 200,000 people in nearly 100 countries. Sounds good enough to me.


3. Eric Cressey

You mean the shoulder guy? Eric is known by many as ‘the shoulder guy’ and people tend to forget how freaking smart this guy really is. Eric is a work horse in every aspect of his life (and can deadlift some serious weight). His facility is always growing and produces well oiled machines year after year. His High Performance Handbook took the industry by storm.  Expect bigger and better things this year.


top 40 fitness pro

4. Bret Contreras

Bret has the most popular fitness blog in the country. He pumps out great content week after week on everything. He joined with Chris Beardsley to create the Strength and Conditioning Research Review; to provide us with easy to read research. His new Hip Thruster has really started to pick up this year and he has some awesome tricks up his sleeve in 2014. Special thanks to him for all of our girlfriends having awesome looking butts.


top 40 fitness pro5. Defranco and Smitty

These guys each deserve their own spot but they keep putting out damn good products as a team. Over the past few years these two badasses have teamed up to create ‘Amped’, ‘Power’, ‘Speed’, ‘Hardcore’ and ‘Extreme’. If the hype is real (which it always is with these two) their new collaboration DVD ‘STRENGTH’ is the best yet. These guys are blasting through 2014 stronger than ever.


top 40 fitness professionals

6. Joe Dowdell

Joe is the Founder and CEO of the largest one-on-one fitness facility in New York. He has learned from some of the best in the biz and uses his knowledge to produce Grade A results to a huge variety of clients. His clientele includes: TV and movie stars, musicians, pro athletes, CEO’s and models from all over. Joe continues to be one of the most sought-after strength coaches in the world and 2014 will be no different.


top 40 fitness professionals7. John Romaniello

‘Engineering the Alpha’ is coming off an amazing year for John and co-author Adam Bornstein. But don’t think that means any sign of either of them slowing down. He’s still coaching clients to become the most absolute awesome version of themselves. The Roman empire is growing and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. If you want to know learn how to dress better AND look better…this is your guy.


top 40 fitness professionals8. Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

This power couple founded Results Fitness (Voted ‘Top Gym’ by Men’s Health magazine). If you have never heard of the Alwyn and Rachel and their gym, you must live under a rock. The gym changes lives, their books change lives, what else can you ask for? Stay tuned for more from the personal trainers who educate your personal trainers.


top 40 fitness professionals9. Pavel Tsatsouline

Pavel’s new company StrongFirst is really starting to take off. They continue to teach and educate people on building a solid base of strength as a foundation of all athletic qualities. Whatever your sport or whatever your goal, you need to be ‘StrongFirst’. The StrongFirst certifications are blowing up this year! Don’t get left out in the dust of the best kettlebell certification in the world.


10. Mark Bell

Since “Bigger, Stronger, Faster”, he opened up SuperTraining Gym, Power Magazine, invented the Slingshot and keeps us entertained with the Power Project at Supertraining.TV. He is more jacked and tanned than ever and recently teamed up with Reebok to release their own Power Shoes. Thanks for saving all of our shoulders with the Slingshot!

top 40 fitness professionals11. Dan John

No one writes better material that’s easier to read than Dan John. He makes things so simple anyone can understand and has been doing it for a long time. Every book that he comes out with is a hit and filled with priceless material. His knowledge bombs stem from countless years of in-the-trenches experience with athletes. When Dan John talks…you listen.


top 40 fitness professionals 12. Tony Gentilcore

One of the most awesome trainers who keeps turning out great athletes at Cressey Performance, Tony knows what he is doing. He pumps out great material on his blog and makes it fun to read. Heavy deadlifts, funny pictures, movie quotes; what more can you ask for? Keep tabs on Tony in 2014 to continue killing it.


13. Neghar Fonooni

Fresh off the release of her Lean & Lovely Transformation System, Neghar is taking over. She continues to inspire and empower females all over the world covering everything related to fitness and females. Get those old female fitness myths out of the way and make room for the good stuff.  Neghar is here.


top 40 fitness professionals 14. Jon Goodman

John Goodman runs one of the best websites for arming personal trainers to be ultimate badasses. He continues to give free information and products to help in any way he can. In 2013, he was one busy guy and I expect him to be going full steam ahead in 2014. Watch out for premium training for personal trainers and how they can blow up their business.  Buckle up for the ride folks.


15. Alan Aragon

Alan is one smart dude and drops some serious knowledge bombs in his monthly research review. For unbiased no bull material Alan was the go-to guy in 2013. He stays active on social media and keeps everyone in the loop. We will see you out there Alan!



16. Louie Simmons

The powerlifitng Guru, Louie is the founder and owner of Westside Barbell, the strongest gym in the world. He has been slangin’ knowledge for years teaching us how to get super strong. This club is the most well recognized powerlifitng gym in America and was just named the #1 Most Hardcore Gym in America by Visionary Athletics. Keep a look out for Westside Performance Nutrition this year.


top 40 fitness pro 17. Brad Schoenfeld

Brad is the guy when it comes to hypertrophy. His book ‘The Max Muscle Plan’ hit the streets hard this year receiving great feedback and getting guys and gals jacked. This was a big year for Brad as he had several peer-reviewed articles published . He has been working with Bret Contreras to bring us ‘The B & B Connection’, covering all different sorts of topics for us. Expect Brad to have another stellar year in 2014.


18. Spencer Nadolsky

This guy is a stud. Not only is he a doctor, but he is one who lifts. His brain outweighs his brawn, and that’s saying something. Spencer is making his rounds in the fitness industry and he is my go-to guy for fusing medical knowledge and fitness, as well as curing many ailments with exercise and nutrition.  I expect 2014 to big a very big year for him.  Lucky for us he loves helping others get healthy and not to mention get big arms.  What a guy!




top 40 fitness professionals 19. Dave Tate

Dave runs an amazing company over at EliteFTS, whose goal is to ‘educate and outfit the strongest athletes around the world’, and they are doing just that. Dave sticks by his morals and isn’t afraid to speak what’s on his mind. His site continues to grow and gives so much to the strength training community. Between the articles, Q & A, training logs and the store, EliteFTS can keep you busy forever.


20. Martin Rooney

Passion. That sums up what Martin Rooney is about. This guy is one huge ball of energy. As the co-founder and CEO of Training For Warriors, Martin is one of the most sought after strength coaches around. He is one busy guy, traveling all over the world to teach others how to train properly and motivate the hell out of them. Keep it up Martin.



21. Ben Pakulski

BPak isn’t just another huge guy, he’s a damn smart one too. Between his program MI40, Hypertrophy Max, and social media, Ben provides amazing content to the fitness industry. If you haven’t seen ‘The Debut’ a bestselling DVD documentary on Ben, you should really check it out. Follow BPak on social media and allow him to #educateanddominate


22. Mike Boyle

Coach Boyle has been in this game for quite some time now. He has been effectively developing athletes and strength coaches longer than most on this list and is the go to guy for coaches. The Active Times named MBSC the top gym in America. This isn’t the first time Coach Boyle’s facility has received this title and I am guessing it will not be the last.


23. Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is the go-to guy when it comes to helping skinny guys grow. Renegade Strength and Conditioning has been the source for dudes lookin’ to get jacked and doing it a safe and effective way. Jason’s Renegade Diet is becoming increasingly popular and shows no sign of slowing down this year.


top 40 fitness pro 24. Mike Robertson

Mike is known by many as the ‘Rehab Guy’, but he is so much more.  He has been helping elite athletes and average Joe’s and Jane’s smash their fitness goals for a long time. As the co-founder of I-FAST Indianapolis, Mike helps massive amounts of people by helping them learn to how move better, feel better and look better. What more can you ask for?


25. Layne Norton

Layne is the man, period. He has his PhD in Nutritional sciences and has authored numerous scientific studies. He is a consultant and coach for athletes as well as powerlifters, bodybuilders and physique competitors. Layne talks the talk and walks the walk. He competes as a natural bodybuilder and powerlifter…and he is pretty damn strong. Keep a close watch on Layne this year.



top 40 fitness pro 26. Craig Ballantyne

“The Godfather” has taken the fitness industry by storm and has helped millions of people melt away fat. He has been offering incentives to regular folk which pretty much gives them no choice but to getting shredded and toned. Keep an eye out for Craig in 2014 to keep changing the lives of millions and making the world a leaner place.


top 40 fitness pro 27. Nick Tumminello

Nick is popping up everywhere around the industry. Sometimes I’m convinced that there are two of him because of all the content he puts out. This guy just keep teaming up with other big dogs in the fitness world…and this is lucky for us. He keeps no secrets and lets us know his tricks of the trade for getting clients in fantastic shape at Performance University.


28. John Meadows

This past year has been a big year for ‘The Mountain Dog’ John Meadows. This guy is shredded as all hell and is one smart dude. John does nutrition and training programs for some of the best physique competitors and athletes around. He is known for his brutal approach to training and has been blasting through workouts with Dave Tate, and Tom Platz this past year. John is so passionate about this industry. Look for him to team up with some other big names on this list this year and make sure to check out his membership site!


top 40 fitness professionals29. Ben Bruno

Ben has spent the past few years educating us all on some awesome single leg variations, and being super strong at them! Recently leaving the East Coast, Ben resides in sunny California and is kicking ass personal training. Ben wasted no time rising to the top in the fitness industry and there obviously a good reason for it: he is amazing at what he does.


top 40 fitness pro 30. Zach Even-Esh

There aren’t many strength coaches with the same passion as Zach Even-Esh. He has a nact for to developing national champion wrestlers, but also makes complete beasts out of all sorts of athletes. Zach founded the Underground Strength Coach and continues to teach strength coaches from all over. Watch for Zach to continue to provide us with inspirational and educational material this year.


31. Dean Somerset

Dean is one busy dude. He is an author, personal trainer and international public speaker who is well known in the fitness industry. A lot of information Dean presents us with relates to his expertise of injury and medical dysfunction, but he is very passionate about continuing to help athletes. He strives to help each individual release their ‘inner beast’ and teaches others how to do this in the safest most effective way possible.

32. Jill Coleman

Jill is very smart with her unique approach to helping women look and feel better; emotionally and physically. She has been on a roll this year and I don’t expect her to be pumping the brakes one bit. is taking the fitness industry by storm. A fitness model, trainer, author, director of training…there isn’t many things she does not do.  Keep a close eye on Jill this year!




33. Dmitry Klokov

Yes, The Dmitry Klokov, the silver medalist at the Beijing Olympics and 2011 World Weightlifting Championships. This badass has been putting training clips for us on his YouTube page, and boy what a treat they are. Word on the street is that Klokov is training for the next Crossfit games, and I’m sure he will dominate. He has been traveling around giving seminars at Crossfit boxes all over the country and 2014 will be fantastic for him..


34. Jen Sinkler

A hot former Rugby player who loves to wear spandex, workout and teach others about fitness and nutrition sounds like the complete package. Well my friends, that is Jen Sinkler for you. Jen has been on a mission this past year inspiring and educating females all over the world. I can’t wait to see what goodies she has in store for us this coming year.


35. Sean Hyson

Sean is the real deal. He is the Group Training Director for Men’s Fitness and Muscle & Fitness magazines. Sean has a passion for fitness and it is displayed through his work. He strives to provide truthful reviews and information in regards to all things fitness and nutrition. I expect Sean to keep the ball rolling this year.


36. Charlie Weingroff

Physical therapist, strength coach and powerlifter is a hard combination to come across but Charlie Weingroff is all of the above. With “Training=Rehab” Charlie changed the way many approach training and assessing clients and themselves. With the release of “Training=Rehab 2” it will be a big year for Charlie.


top 40 fitness pro 37. Dan Trink

With a product called “2 Tickets to the Gun Show”, you bet that Dan Trink has some big pythons, but that’s now why he’s on this list. Dan is the director of training operations at Peak Performance in NYC. He has a weekly column for Men’s Fitness and is a regular contributor to many other fitness publications. Watch out for some amazing things from Dan this year.


top 40 fitness pro 38. Travis Stoetzel

Travis is the guy when it comes to going 110% H.A.M. He eats, breathes and lives strength and conditioning and is great at instilling this in others. He has been teaching everyday people how to attack their training, bust through plateaus and annihilate their weaknesses. I’m excited to see what Travis comes out with this year.


top 40 fitness pro 39. Flavia Del Monte

Flavia is on a mission to get girls in the best shape of their lives. She teaches women how to build muscle and burn fat by lifting weights properly, and eating right. We can all thank Flavia for making the world a leaner and sexier place.



top 40 fitness professionals 40. Jason Maxwell

JMaxFitness has exploded this past year, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’ve had amazing feedback from Monster Legs 90, The Fast Fat Revolution, Decembulk, and The 21 Day Body Recomp, as well as  from the articles I publish through this website and other top websites and magazines in the industry. Expect even better things in 2014, starting with my latest free book, How to Gain 10lbs of Muscle.