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Let me tell you a bizarre story about how a 13-year-old Roman Catholic cocaine addict in Boston got jacked and became one of the biggest Hollywood stars in the 21st century.

I know of this skinny kid named, Marky.

I know of this skinny kid named, Marky.  He grew up in in a rough neighbourhood in Boston, and by the age of 13, he was addicted to cocaine. By the age of 16, he was arrested multiple times for beating up kids his age, and he even beat the crap out of a middle-aged man with a baseball bat.

By his 20’s, Marky wanted something more.  He knew that if he kept up his life on the streets, he’d end up with life in prison, or worse, with his head squashed like a watermelon on the sidewalk. He knew something had to change.

At this low point in his life, he knew that he wanted to make a name for himself.  He started working out, because he knew that if he wanted to be a star, he’d have to look the part.  It took him years of endless dieting, brutal and intense workouts.  Over the years, the hard work paid off, and he completely transformed his body, and built the Hollywood Physique.

He completely turned his life around, became a successful hip-hop artist, started acting, and in 2007, he won an academy award for best supporting actor is Scorseses’ The Departed.  You could say that getting jacked saved Marky Mark Wahlberg’s life.

The Secret of Getting Jacked Like a Hollywood Star

Here’s the thing, celebrities are always making crazy transformations for their roles in movies.  You read the magazines to see their workouts, and every workout is completely different.  Oh, Hugh Jackman deadlifted to look like Wolverine, maybe I should too.  Chris Evans trained each body part once per week?  I’ll do that.  Henry Cavill trained 24 hours per week?  I’ll do that!

It’s just plain confusing, but it’s not your fault.

The media is always giving mixed messages of what each celebrity does to get jacked for their movie role.  They need to make their magazine look unique, so they only publish things that seem insane or different to hook you into the story.  It seems like every celebrity is doing the complete opposite of the other.

The media is lying to you so that you’ll read their story.

The truth is that the media shows you all of the different and intense ways that celebrities transform their bodies.  After all, it makes a great news story.

…But the real secret is knowing the similar methods that all Hollywood stars are using to develop the Hollywood Physique.  These are the methods that the media is hiding from you, but they are the exact methods that can help you develop of physique like your favourite Hollywood star, and it’s easier than you think.  It doesn’t take decades of hard work.

In fact, it only takes a few months, as long as you focus on what I like the call, The Hollywood 5.

The Hollywood 5: The Secret Formula to Building A Body Like A Superhero

The goal is to make you look like a superhero in as little time as possible by bringing up 5 key muscle groups: The Hollywood 5.

If you want a physique that turns heads and commands respect, in the fastest time possible, it’s critical that you focus on the Hollywood 5:


The delts are, hands down, the most important muscle-group to creating an aesthetic physique. It doesn’t matter how big your arms and chest are, or how thick your back is, if you’ve got narrow shoulders, you don’t look impressive. In fact, you could have minimal muscle mass on your arms and chest, but if your shoulders are round and full, you’ll look more jacked.


Having mountainous traps that pop through your shirt isn’t just badass, but it makes you look 10x more jacked (and alpha) than the shredded pencil-neck guy flexing his abs.  Just look at Tom Hardy as Bane or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, their traps complete their body.  On top of that, it adds to the illusion of having a bigger and more muscular upper-body, which contributes to a seemingly slimmer waistline.

Upper Chest

Many guys focus on their chest, but neglect their upper pecs.  If you skip the upper pecs, your chest will never have that full and wide look.  Focusing on the upper pecs allows you to look great without a shirt on, and gives the illusion of a larger upper body.  Henry Cavill did a great job with this in Superman.  Want to look like Superman?  Focus on your upper chest.


The lats allow you to have a wide v-tapered upper body.  If you fail to build wide lats, you’ll develop “the SpongeBob effect”: where your torso is shaped like a square, making your waistline look almost as thick as your chest.


If you’ve managed to develop the first 4 of the Hollywood 5, but fail to build your quads, you end up with the Hollywood Y and will likely become the laughing stock of the gym. In fact, don’t be surprised if you end up as a never-skip-leg-day meme on Instagram.  Building your quads is a critical part of the Hollywood X-Frame. It keeps the appearance of a wide upper body, while creating the illusion of a smaller waistline.

If You’ve Tried To Build a Body Like a Hollywood Star Before And Failed, It’s Not Your Fault

It’s a shame that the media hasn’t caught on about the Hollywood 5 yet, but instead, they spin stories about fitness gimmicks that will only make you spin your wheels.  You’ve been disappointed with other workout programs you’ve tried before, but you need to know, it’s not your fault.

Those programs weren’t designed to maximize muscle gain in the Hollywood 5, and they weren’t based on the latest science and research in the fitness industry.  That’s why we created Hollywood X, the muscle building and fat loss program (based on science) to make you jacked like a superhero.

Introducing, The Breakthrough Muscle Building Program For Men That Want To Get Jacked Like A Superhero…

Hollywood X

Hollywood X is an easy-to-use muscle building and fatloss program for men that will transform your body like a Hollywood star in 12 weeks.

  • Build muscle over the entire body, and specialize the “Hollywood 5”
  • Lose fat so that you have a 6-pack like Superman
  • Templates for guys who want to train 3x per week, 3x per week, 4x per week, and 5x per week.
  • For beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees (looking like a superhero is easier than you think).
  • Super easy to use and follow.
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Just Imagine...

  • Finally being able to get that lean and chiselled "hollywood" physique.
  • Waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror, and seeing abs, a broad chest, wide shoulders, big arms, and awesome legs.
  • Having girls come up to you and asking, "do you work out?"
  • Looking awesome in a t-shirt and topless at the beach.
  • Having Ryan Reynold's abs, Chris Hemsworth's arms, Henry Cavill's chest, Tom Hardy's traps, Zec Efron's back, and Gerard Butler's legs.
  • Having complete control over how your body looks and feels.
  • Doing fun and exciting workouts based on science, without losing motivation.
  • Building 12lbs of muscle in the next 12 weeks.
  • Looking like a lean and chiseled superhero instead of a big and puffy bodybuilder.

Created By Alain Gonzalez

Alain Gonzalez is a former 107 pound skinny weakling turned jacked fitness authority.

His transformation has been featured in articles on websites all over the internet and has given hope to countless “hardgainers” all over the world.

Here are 4 things you should know about him:

-He is a bestselling author and has been featured in the largest online fitness magazines in the world.

-He has trained athletes (and competed), successfully, in both bodybuilding and powerlifting.

-He has been one of the most highly sought after physique coaches in America since 2014.

-His goal is to help transform the bodies (and lives) of one million skinny hardgainers.

With Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist turned Fitness Professional. Because of this, he appreciates the science of helping people get jacked and lean.

Here are 4 things you should know about him:

-He graduated Top 3 in his class with a Bachelor of Engineering.

-He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems.

-He has a Master's level nutrition certification.

-He knows how to get results based on science and its applications.

With Hollywood X, You Will Learn:

  • 3 lies the media tells you about Hollywood actors
  • How Hugh Jackman got jacked for Wolverine
  • The “Hollywood 5” Muscles
  • The method that allows you to eat more food without getting fat.
  • How to burn more calories by doing less exercise.
  • A secret “back door” way of building muscle based on science that all Hollywood Stars are using, but aren’t telling the media.
  • 2 reasons why you need to train each muscle group at least twice per week.
  • The 3 Phase method to getting bigger and stronger without all the aches and pains.
  • Why you should be using Antagonist Paired Sets if you want to look like a Hollywood star.
  • The Hollywood transformation diet that allows you to...

...Eat what you want and burn fat while you sit on your ass on your couch playing video games.

  • A scientifically proven way (discovered by the University of Tampa) to get stronger (regardless of your crappy genetics).
  • How to build muscle, lose fat, and get strong by only lifting 3 days per week.
  • The secret (and natural) method to making 5lbs of muscle look like 20lbs of muscle…your friends will accuse you of using steroids.
  • How to gain as much muscle as you want, when you want to gain it.
  • Cardio makes you lose fat, right? Wrong.
  • The incredible secret (used by both Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler) that lets you build muscle and strength without having to bulk up and get fat.
  • Want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club or Chris Evans in Captain America? This is how.
  • How fruit can make you fat and how ice cream can make you jacked (seriously).
  • 5 Exercises that both Brad Pitt and Henry Cavill use, and you can too.
  • A secret “exercise hack” so effective, you’d let someone kick you in the balls (over and over again) to learn it.
  • A scientifically proven method to...

…Maximize testosterone.

  • How to build 4lbs of muscle right now.
  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make with your lifting routine. (Even if you do everything else “right”, your program will fall apart if you make this mistake that no one talks about.)
  • You can never look like a Hollywood star because they take steroids, right? Dead wrong, and it takes LESS work than you think.
  • How to add 30lbs to your bench press in the next 6 months.
  • Want to get cannonball delts? Train your shoulders 3x per week.
  • Why Ben Affleck should use flexible dieting to lean out (and you should too).
  • How you can look like Chris Hemsworth instead of Adam Sandler.
  • The simplest way to build a body like Jake Gyllenhaal, Henry Cavill, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hardy, Cristiano Ronaldo, Calvin Harris, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, Vin Diesel, Christian Bale, Jason Statham, Will Smith, Terry Crews, Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Ryan Gosling, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Joe Manganiello, Jason Momoa, Scott Adkins, and Chris Pratt without taking any drugs or steroids.

…and much, much more. Including..

...the best workout for building muscle without having to bulk up and get fat…How to make your arms and chest bust out of your t-shirt…how to look like a Hollywood star while being lazy…how to have a six-pack year round while drinking beer and eating Hooters chicken wings…why you need to focus on your upper pecs instead of your lower pecs…how to build a body that women want to have sex with, again and again…and much much more.

Here's What Others Are Saying About Hollywood X

I've had by far the best and most consistent results using Jason Maxwell's programs. I love how they're broken down per month and makes sense. For someone who doesn't have a lot of time or access to a facility it's been a lifesaver.

Stacey, Canada

I discovered JMax through the one of his other programs. He's got a great approach - loads of knowledge - but also really entertaining and honest. His programs are a great price, and laid out simply. Sure, it required hard work but was made really attractive to the average person with a quick return on diet/workout investment! All of his programs seem to be realistic and practical for the 'normal' person. The diet demystification was what made JMax standout for me, plus the Facebook online community was great and Jason was super responsive. I can't wait to try more of his products.

Marcus Jarman-Smith, Lancashire, UK

Jason's program worked liked like a charm!!!!

Michael, Bronx, NY

Jason's program has certainly helped me to make some muscles gains and keep % body fat under control. There is no fluff in the advice Jason gives.

John, Grantham, UK

I have gotten some of my best info from Jason and Alain.  I am 62 and yes I have a fit body. These guys are constantly on the search for new workouts and supplements to help you with.  There are no boring workouts here my friends you just have to give it a try.

Shane Lewis, Kannapolis, USA

I'm really enjoying this program. Has some good tips in it and it's taught me many things I didn't know about how much weight to lift and how to split your rep ranges up. Two thumbs up.

Rob, England

Jason cuts the fluff out of his programs! I appreciate how he focuses on the science and evidence based results.

Allen, Aurora, CO

Hollywood X

12-Week Digital Fitness Program To Build A Body Like a Celebrity

Hollywood X is an easy to follow 12-week celebrity transformation program.

It is a 100% digital product. You can read it on your computer, tablet, smart phone, or print it. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the PDF files which includes:

Component 1: Hollywood X Main Manual

The Hollywood X Main Manual teaches you everything you need to know about training to get that lean and aesthetic Hollywood physique. In it, you will learn:

  • Complete overview of the Hollywood X Program
  • How to use Block Periodization, Performance Based Training, High Frequency, and Potentiation to build the Hollywood 5 muscle groups.
  • The 3-Day "I can actually have a life and look awesome" training split
  • The real "secret" to looking like a hollywood star.
  • Different variations for Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced trainees.
  • And much more...

Component 2: Hollywood X Transformation Diet

The Hollywood X Transformation Diet will teach you exactly how to eat in order to build a god-like physique in record time. In it, you will learn:

  • The exact number of Calories, carbs, proteins, and fats to be eating daily.
  • How to eat whatever you want (including pizza and beer), get leaner, and build muscle.
  • How to adjust your nutrition.
  • The top muscle building foods.
  • How to get fiber, minerals, and vitamins.
  • When to eat.
  • The supplements of the celebrities.
  • And much more...

Component 3: Phase 1 - Celebrity Primer

This is the phase where you’ll acquire the base skills and increase efficacy of future phases. The volume will be high, but the weight used (intensity) will be relatively low. In this phase you will become more efficient with the main movements, increase the lactate threshold (you’ll be able to work with heavier loads for a longer period of time), and increase work capacity.

Component 4: Phase 2 - Superstar Build Up

The Build Up Phase is where you’ll lay the foundation upon where the following, more intense phase is built. In this phase volume will remain relatively high, but intensity will also increase. This is where the adaptions from the Primer Phase shine through. Your ability to work with a heavier load for a longer period of time will result in hypertrophy (muscle growth)—particularly sarcoplasmic hypertrophy (where the volume of sarcoplasmic fluid in the muscle cell increases with minor increases in strength).

Component 5: Phase 3 - Superhero Transformation

In this phase we’ll focus on mechanical tension—a mechanically induced tension produced both by force generation and stretch. This stress is typically formed when lifting a heavier load for a sufficient amount of time. Mechanical stress has been shown to produce the greatest increases in strength and is a primary driver of muscle growth. Not only will you be lifting more weight than you’re used to—with the aid of the newly added muscle from Phase 2—but the strength adaptations will result in myofibrillar hypertrophy (actin and myosin contractile proteins increase in number and add to muscular strength as well as an increase in the size of the muscle).

Component 6: Hollywood X Nutrition Calculator

The Hollywood X Nutrition Calculator takes in your bodyweight, and will automatically calculate the amount of Calories, carbs, fats, and protein to eat during the Hollywood X program.  It doesn't matter if your goal is to get lean, lose fat, or build muscle, we've got you covered.  It's super simple to use and it's completely done-for-you.

Component 7: Hollywood X Exercise Video Library

Don't know how to do an exercise?  Don't worry.  We've got you covered.  Included with the Hollywood X program are videos of every single exercise, and how to do them.  This way, you will know how to do an exercise and how to make it most effective without injuring yourself.


See The Execution Series In Action:


The entire Hollywood X program above is amazing, value, but...

When You Order Today, You'll Get These Hollywood X Bonuses As My Free Gift To You.

Bonus 1: Hollywood X Phase 1: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans

Some people want to train more than 3 days per week (like in the original Hollywood X plan), we've got you covered.  Included are done-for-you 4 day, 5 day, and 6 day per week training programs for those of you who want to train more.

Bonus 2: Hollywood X Phase 2: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans

Some people want to train more than 3 days per week (like in the original Hollywood X plan), we've got you covered.  Included are done-for-you 4 day, 5 day, and 6 day per week training programs for those of you who want to train more.

Bonus 3: Hollywood X Phase 3: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans

Some people want to train more than 3 days per week (like in the original Hollywood X plan), we've got you covered.  Included are done-for-you 4 day, 5 day, and 6 day per week training programs for those of you who want to train more.

Bonus 4: Fill-In Workout Logs

Starting a workout plan can be difficult.  There are so many moving parts and it can sometimes be a headache...until now.  Print off these fill-in workout logs for Hollywood X and take them to the gym with you.  Use them to write down your weights, sets, and reps, and get results quickly with the program.  This makes starting the program super easy, and you can start your first workout today.

Stop Wasting Your Time In The Gym

Build Your Body Like a Celebrity Using Hollywood X Today

Price Increases to $97 In...


One-Time Payment

  • Component 1: Hollywood X Muscle Main Manual
  • Component 2: Hollywood X Transformation Diet
  • Component 3: Phase 1 - Celebrity Primer
  • Component 4: Phase 2 - Superstar Build Up
  • Component 5: Phase 3 - Superhero Transformation
  • Component 6: Hollywood X Nutrition Calculator
  • Component 7: Hollywood X Exercise Video Library
  • Bonus 1: Hollywood X Phase 1: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans
  • Bonus 2: Hollywood X Phase 2: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans
  • Bonus 3: Hollywood X Phase 3: 4 Day, 5 Day, and 6 Day Per Week Plans
  • Bonus 4: Fill-In Workout Log Sheets
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60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hollywood X will give you results, and investing in it today is a no-brainer. Try it out for 60 days and if you aren’t happy then just send me an email and I’ll refund your entire purchase – no questions asked.

If you don’t invest in Hollywood X, how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today?

If you don’t invest in Hollywood X today and you choose not to let it help you to build muscle like a celebrity and make big changes in your life, then how will your life be any different tomorrow than it is today? The answer is: it’s not, you’ll still be spinning your wheels.

Investing in yourself today will deliver the foundation necessary to make EVERYTHING in your life come easier and faster -- including that killer physique you’re striving for.

If you don't have the muscle and strength you want, you'll find it tough to to enjoy the way you look with or without a t-shirt. You won't have as much confidence, and you'll be robbing yourself of opportunities in life such as getting compliments, making new friends, and having fun with that special someone.

Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to build your body, and feel more fit and confident. Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works. Join me RISK-FREE today.

Get Immediate Access For $2760-Day Money Back Guarantee

One-Time Payment. No Recurring Billing Charges.

Price Increases To $97 In...