Attention: Chicken Legs


In Only 90 Days, Discover the Scientifically Proven Formula that Will Build Jacked, Muscular, Monster Sized Legs, and Get Rid of Your Chicken Legs Forever


It happens every damn time you go to the gym.

You’ve psyched yourself up to train legs, but in the back of your mind, you know it’s going to suck.


Does he skip leg day, or is it just bad genetics?

You’re already in a bad mood because you know you’re going to get hot and sweaty, but you’re wearing pants.

After all, there’s no way you’d be caught wearing shorts in that gym. They don’t hide your skinny legs.

You jump on the treadmill for a short run to warm up your legs. 60 seconds in, you notice the “usual” jacked guys walk by, heading straight to the weight room. You think to yourself, their legs look like monsters.

After a solid 20 minutes on the treadmill your legs are tired. You head over to the squat rack to hit up some barbell squats with tons of rest between sets. After all, we all know that squats are supposed to build the biggest legs, right?

The truth to this question may surprise you.

After your third set of 10 reps using the same weight as last week, the “usual” jacked guys walk by. Their legs are pumped up with blood and look even larger, and they’re already headed for the showers. They finished their workout before you even got your chance to use the leg press, and you didn’t even see them warm-up on the treadmill!

What gives? What do they know that you don’t?

Today, you’re finally going to discover the secret. It’s a fool-proof formula that literally builds monster sized legs.

What’s the Secret Big Legs Formula that ALL GUYS with big legs know, but you don’t?

Here’s the best advice you can ever get:

Building big legs isn’t just about doing squats and deadlifts. It’s not about 5 sets of 5, or 3 sets of 10.


This “Monster” knows the secret.

It’s about knowing the proven formula for muscle growth – specifically for your legs.

A real secret “Big Legs Formula”.

One backed by science.

And the people that know it… the guys that know what it takes to get bigger legs… you might refer to these people as, “The Monsters”.

“The Monsters” stand out at the gym, on the beach, and even at your work.

They’re ripped, and not embarrassed to wear shorts and expose their legs. They look lean, strong, athletic, and masculine. They’re not worried about what other people think of them.

In fact, they’re so confident in their bodies that they know that other people are impressed and attracted to their bodies.

Because of this confidence, it makes them prone to being successful. These are the guys making more money than you. These are the guys who date hotter girls than you. All because they’re not ashamed of their skinny legs.

The real question is how do they do it… and what don’t YOU know?

I’ll give you the real answer to this question later. But before I reveal the answer, I want to make sure that it’s crystal clear to you why “The Monsters” have big legs and why you don’t.

You may get a little pissed off to hear this, but it’s the truth, and sometimes the truth hurts.

The reason why they have big legs and you don’t is simple:

You Don’t Have Big Legs Like Them Because You Don’t Train Like Them


You don’t have big legs like him because you don’t train like him.

Pissed off?

It’s ok, because this is a fact.

“The Monsters” know how to get bigger legs – and they know how to do it within just 90 days of hard, smart training using the Big Legs Formula. Other people – people like you – just don’t have a clue.

Over the years, I’ve seen the “chicken legs” crowd.

They train their legs once per week, running, squatting, using the leg press and calf raise machines, but their legs still aren’t growing.

They look the exact same as last year. And the year before that.

They get pissed off because they train their legs hard, but still see no gains.

They get even more frustrated when they see memes like this:


They don’t know the secret Big Legs Formula, that’s for sure.

But, don’t beat yourself up if that’s you. Here’s why:

It’s Not Your Fault.

You may blame it on genetics, but it’s a lie.

Anyone can get bigger legs.

The people who have big, strong, athletic, masculine looking legs are the ones who have better information than you do about what works for building muscle – specifically in their legs.

It has nothing to do with genetics.

It has nothing to do with what sports they used to play.

So, if you’re sitting there right now, with chicken legs and frustrated how you look, blaming it on your genetics…If you’re just plain sick and tired of trying things that are “supposed to work”, but actually don’t…

…Sick and tired of hiding your skinny legs under pants, even when it’s damn hot…

Then, unfortunately, you don’t know the secret Big Legs Formula either.

And Not Knowing the Big Legs Formula Can Keep You Suffering from Chicken Legs FOREVER

Before I spill the beans and tell you just what this stealthy Big Legs Formula is, I want to show you exactly what your live could be like with bigger legs.

Close your eyes and do your best to imagine what I will be describing and make it seem as intense as possible, so you can actually sit there and feel (for the first time) what it would be like if your life were actually like this.

What Would Your Life Be Like If...

You had big, ripped, athletic, powerful, masculine looking legs so that you could feel more confident every single day?

Your newly found confidence allowed you to be more successful and make more money?

Your confidence in your legs allowed you to feel proud to wear shorts to the gym, and to the beach?

You felt proud of your body so that girls will notice you, and guys will respect you?

You were finally able to stop being embarrassed with your body and never have to resort to your legs as “chicken legs” ever again?

The good news is that getting bigger legs and building the body of your dreams is a simple process…if you know the Big Legs Formula, which you will learn later.

Here’s How I Discovered the Secret Big Legs Formula

how to build muscleMy name’s Jason Maxwell.

Although I graduated at the top of my class in Aerospace Engineering, I am a fitness expert, muscle gaining specialist, and author of magazines such as Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, EliteFTS, Breaking Muscle, The Greatist, and many more.

It all started when I injured my shoulder playing high school football.

I literally couldn’t move my arm above my head. The pain was too horrible.

So horrible, in fact, that I couldn’t train my upper body for three months.

This was a huge problem.

You see, I loved going to the gym. I just started learning the proper weight training and muscle building techniques, and (even though I have the worst genetics, I was starting to see changes in my body that I never imagined…Until I got injured.

Before I got injured, I was training my legs once per week. Running on the treadmill, squats, leg press.

You name it, I did it.

After this, it meant that I could only go to the gym once per week, and it was to train legs. I was listening to what all the “bodybuilding experts” said to do:

  • Train legs once per week with maximum intensity.
  • Get lots of rest to avoid overtraining.

football-shoulder-injurySince I loved going to the gym and exercising, training legs once per week didn’t fly for me. It wasn’t even an option. I needed to go more…and I did.

Over the next 3 months, every single workout was used to discover the best ways to make my legs grow. The process was a painful one, but extremely worth it for two reasons:

1. I discovered the Big Legs Formula.

2. I grew my legs so big that I barely ever need to push myself and suffer on leg day, and I never will need to ever again.

Those 3 painful months were an investment.

sprint-cyclist-big-legs-253x300Since then, I’ve been mistaken for a short track cyclist multiple times. If you know what short track cyclists look like, then you’ll know that I definitely took this as a compliment.

I built my legs to be monsters, and all that was left to do were the finishing touches. Never again would I need to push myself hard on leg day.

That’s why the Monster Legs 90 system is created around the secret Big Legs Formula.

The Big Legs Formula Revealed

Using this formula, you can cure your skinny legs forever, and in only 90 days build jacked, muscular, monster sized legs.

Here it is:

High Frequency + All Rep Ranges + High Volume + ??? = Big Legs

I will reveal what “???” is later.  First, I need to tell you about:

All Rep Ranges + High Volume

If you train your legs using all rep ranges for lots of sets (high volume), they will grow large quickly.

Research[2] shows that the 3 keys to muscle growth are: Muscle Tension, Muscle Damage, and Metabolic Stress.

Here’s what you need to know about these 3 keys and how they relate to the Big Legs Formula:


  • Muscle Tension

    Have you ever flexed your muscle so hard that you thought it was going to explode?

    That’s tension.

    If you can maximize tension in the muscle, you can stimulate it to grow HYOOOOGE.

    …And who doesn’t want huge muscles?

    On top of this, muscular tension tells the body to build muscle up to 48 hours after your workout[4]. This means you can literally force your leg muscles to grow while you are working, commuting to work, sitting at home on your couch watching TV, and even while you sleep.

    How to Develop Muscle Tension in Your Legs: Train your legs with heavy weights and reps under 6.

  • Muscle Damage

    Have you ever lifted weights and then felt pain in your muscles 1-2 days afterwards? This is called DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), and it happens if you damage the muscles.

    When you damage the muscle, it breaks down.


    This is a good thing.

    Your body realizes that the muscle has broken down, so it will then build it up to be BIGGER and STRONGER. The result: bigger legs.

    How to Develop Muscle Damage in Your Legs: Train your legs with lots of sets and reps (high volume).

  • Metabolic Stress

    Have you ever lifted weights for so long that your muscle burned and swelled up?

    This burning is caused by the build-up of acidity in your muscles, which, in turn, tells your body to release tons of lactate (or lactic acid).

    Ya ya ya…who the heck cares?

    This build-up of blood and lactate will actually pool inside the muscle, telling it to grow larger.

    How to Develop Metabolic Stress in Your Legs: Train your legs with higher reps including sets of 20 and drop sets.


High Frequency

Frequency is the amount of times in a week that you train a muscle.

High frequency means training a muscle for two to four training sessions per week.

Research[1] shows that if you train a muscle with high frequency, it will grow bigger.

Naturally, since I was training my legs every time I stepped in the gym, they grew bigger. Even though this was a painful 3 month process, the freaky thing was that my legs grew accustomed to training often, and I wasn’t as sore after workouts.


question_markThis leaves us to the last key to the Big Legs Formula.

I didn’t discover this until I sustained another injury in football: a knee injury.

My physiotherapist recommended that I stop doing exercises that hurt. That ruled out basically every traditional leg builder.

No squats. No leg press. No leg extensions.


Since I couldn’t train my injured leg, I was afraid that it would lose its size, and all my hard work would go to waste.

That didn’t happen.

I was lucky to find a study showing that people with knee injuries who trained with their healthy leg were able to increase or maintain the strength of their injured leg[3].

To paint the picture in your mind, my left leg was injured, but I only trained my right leg with single leg exercises. From doing this, both my legs grew stronger.

It’s crystal clear what happens when you start using single leg training on each leg.

It’s the magic piece of the puzzle that 99% of people don’t know. Single leg training will make your legs grow even bigger.

That’s the ??? in the Big Legs Formula.

Here’s What Other People Achieved When They Added the “Big Legs Formula”

I have personally worked out with Jason. He gave me his program so I figured I would give it a shot. I felt like my legs were pumped everyday.

Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, DO
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, DO

I was super impressed by Monster Legs 90. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous going into it because a leg heavy program sounded like hell to me (I’ve always dreaded leg day). But I have to say that Monster Legs 90 definitely turned me around on that one. I’m motivated by results and even though I was only able to commit to the first month I was super impressed with the improvements I saw (both size and how much heavier I was able to lift). I am pumped to get back at it and finish the program.

Daniel MacKinnon
Daniel MacKinnon Toronto

I've been working with Jason for a little over 2 months.  In that time I've seen an increase in the size and definition in my legs.  No one will accuse you of skipping leg day if you follow this program.

Mike Gaglione
Mike Gaglione

Hi Jason! I just wanted to let you know how much I got out of your Monster Legs 90 training program.  As a runner and avid Crossfitter, I was sure that my legs were pretty freaking developed.  But boy, was I wrong.  This intense and FUN workout plan of yours had my muscles guessing, and the strength and mass I gained still shocks me.  You are one-of-a-kind, and I look forward to more great muscle-builders from you in the future.

Paige Rideout
Paige Rideout

'I’d highly recommend Jason’s workouts and nutrition programs.'

'Before Jason’s workouts and nutrition, I fluctuated between 133 and 134 lbs. I’ve made significant progress and now weigh 162 lbs with much more muscle and have even lost fat. I’ve made significant strength gains. I started out with really light weights and now I’m able to lift over 200lbs in the deadlift. I’d highly recommend Jason’s workouts and nutrition programs.' - Paul T.

And Here's What Other People Have to Say About Jason

Scott gained 8lbs of muscle and accidentally lost 9lbs of fat


Tyler gained 11.9lbs of solid muscle



Martin gained a solid 4lbs and lost some fat in the process



Jon Mendes

Simply put, this guy is awesome! Jason knows exactly what he’s talking about and makes sure that there is always a solution for any problems or issues. The progress after the first month has been astounding and I have received nothing but compliments from friends & family on the change in my ‘new look’. Most of all, I feel significantly better about myself and am easily twice as fit as I was prior to beginning the program! If you want a change for the better, don’t hesitate, Jason is the guy.

Jon Mendes Web Designer

What If My Crappy Genetics Force Me to Have Skinny Legs Forever?

Here’s the truth:

99% of workout programs created by “so-called experts” fail to take advantage of using the Big Legs Formula. It has nothing to do with genetics. That’s the reason why you weren’t able to get bigger legs in the past. Your workouts need to have been based around the Big Legs Formula in order for you to accomplish your goal.

When you do use the Big Legs Formula in your workouts, your legs will grow. This formula is what’s missing from other workout programs.

Here's What Works Perfectly

In the Monster Legs 90 system, you’re finally going to build bigger legs and finally look strong and athletic faster than ever before, all because you will be using the Big Legs Formula in order to accelerate your leg muscle growth.

You will use workouts that use all rep ranges, which take advantage of the 3 keys to muscle growth scientifically proven to make muscles grow for up to 48 hours later, allowing you to build your leg muscles while you’re at work, at home sitting on your couch watching TV, or even while you sleep.

On top of this, the confidence you will experience while having bigger legs will allow you to feel happier in day-to-day life, giving you the chance to have more success in life, whether it is financially, dating, or making friends.

Many Other Leg Programs Will Work If You Give Them Time, But…

…Other programs are not based around the Big Legs Formula.

Any program works if you dedicate your time to training 6 days per week for 2 hours per workout, but once you use the Big Legs Formula, then you will be performing a workout that specifically grows the legs, while not performing the stuff that doesn’t work.

In essence, you will be saving yourself up to 8 hours per week by solely using the Big Legs Formula.

To make matters worse, these “other” programs might take years for you to achieve results. Since the Monster Legs 90 System is based around the Big Legs Formula, it only takes 90 days.

With those other programs that promise you bigger legs, there are 3 main problems:

Problem #1: You Squat Too Much

Squats are a great accessory movement to building bigger legs, but they’re not as great as the media makes them out to be.

The limiting factor with squats is your core. If your core is weak, you can’t use as much weight. If you can’t use as much weight, you aren’t able to stimulate your leg muscles with enough tension to make them grow.



Problem #2: You Train Your Legs Once Per Week to Avoid Over Training

Many of the “gurus” will tell you that you should only train your legs once per week. They say that since your legs are your biggest body part, it takes them more time to recover and grow.

The truth is that your leg muscles are no different from your pecs, your deltoids, or your freakin’ biceps. They’re all muscles, and need to be stimulated similarly in order to grow. This means you need to train them more than once per week in order for them to grow.

Problem #3: You Isolate Your Quads With Leg Extensions

Yes, isolating the quads with leg extensions will help your quads to grow, but only if they were stimulated first with single leg exercises and other big leg builders. If your workout were a sundae, the Big Legs Formula would be the ice cream and chocolate sauce, while the leg extensions would be the cherry on top.

Most people can do without the cherry on top.


99% of people with skinny legs make the mistakes above.

Some of them think the solution is to just hire a personal trainer.  The problem is that 99% of trainers don’t even know the Big Legs Formula, and they cost big bucks.

What Does it Cost to Hire a Trainer Who Doesn’t Even Know the Big Legs Formula?

Luckily, I am the 1% of Personal Trainers that knows the Big Legs Formula. The other 99% have no clue.

What does it cost for a trainer in your town? $70 per session? $80 per session? $90 per session?

In downtown Toronto, where I live, the average personal trainer costs $100 per session. What’s even worse is that most of these trainers are beginners.

For less than the cost of one single session with an average beginner personal trainer that has no clue about the Big Legs Formula, you’ll get the scientifically proven Monster Legs 90 System that will last you forever.

If you were to train with a personal trainer for 90 days at even $70 per session, you would invest $3500. But would they even guarantee your results?

Hell no. And at the end of the 90 days, they’d be pushing you to sign up again for another 90 days to work with them in order to not even get mediocre results, all because they don’t know the Big Legs Formula. It’s not even worth it. Not when you know the Big Legs Formula.

In the Monster Legs 90 System, You’ll Get:

The 90 Day Blueprint That Will Abolish Your Skinny Legs Forever

Component 1: The Monster Legs 90 Main Manual

This will be your secret black book of Monster Legs.

You will learn my secret approach to building bigger legs, including what supplements work, what foods to eat, how to apply muscle tension, the best times to eat all your favourite cheat foods and much more.

This book comprises of all the best methods backed by science to build big, monster sized legs.

This manual is so easy to use that you can literally read it and start Monster Legs 90 in the same day.

Component 2: Phase 1 – Exclusive Recurrence

The first phase of Monster Legs 90 takes advantage of the first and last part of the Big Legs Formula: High Frequency with the addition of the ??? component: single leg training.

Over 4 weeks, your legs will take advantage of the high frequency and start their primary growth phase.

Component 3: Phase 2 – Extreme and Subdued Rep Ranges

The second phase of Monster Legs 90 takes advantage of the second part of the Big Legs Formula: all rep ranges.

Over 4 weeks, you will train your legs with very low and high reps in order to transition them into their secondary growth phase.

Component 4: Phase 3 – Monster Mutation

The third phase of Monster Legs 90 uses everything the Big Legs Formula has to offer: high frequency, all rep ranges, high volume, and single leg training.

It is the ultimate leg building phase, and will push your legs on the brink of mutation in their tertiary growth phase.

Component 5: Phase 4 – Evolution

The fourth and final phase of Monster Legs 90 abruptly and temporarily halts the use of the Big Legs Formula for a short period of time, allowing them a very brief time to rest in order for them to super-compensate and evolve.

While this phase is the shortest, it is also where the biggest growth occurs.

If You Act Now...

You'll Also Get These Fast-Action Bonuses:

Bonus 1: Monster Legs 90 Nutrition Calculator

This uniquely designed software is your secret weapon against your skinny legs. No longer will you ever wonder how many calories, carbs, fat, and protein to eat each day. All you need to do is input your weight and bodyfat percentage in this calculator and it tells you exactly how much to eat for the entirety of Monster Legs 90.

The amount of calories, carbs, fat, and protein you need changes as your body starts to adapt to exercise, and depending on how demanding the workout is. This calculator knows what you need. It’s literally done for you, and fool-proof. It is super simple to use, and it calculates your nutritional needs instantly.

Bonus 2: Monster Legs 90 Workout Schedule

This, my friends, is your schedule for the next 90 days.

Don’t know when to workout?

Print off this schedule and it tells you. You will now know the exact days you need to train in order to build bigger legs.

money back logo

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t experience the most awesome, simplest leg muscle growth of your life, or if you did not achieve as great results as you have on a previous program:
Then just ask for a refund within 60 days and I will give you every dollar, every quarter, and every single penny back.


In fact, I’m positive that Monster Legs 90 will work for you. Push the “Add to Cart” button below and start building quality muscle today.

I am confident that this is the simplest method to building muscle. If it doesn’t help you do this, then I’m happy to let you have it for FREE. Does this sound fair?

If you follow Monster Legs 90 exactly as written and don’t experience quick leg muscle growth, then email me and I will refund you every cent and let you have it for free.

To tell you the truth, the only risk involved here is for me. I’m risking it all to give you my amazing 7-component high value program for free if it doesn’t work. I’m giving you 60 days to decide. Basically, you get to try out the program, and if it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Simply click the “Add to Cart” button below.



Not applying the big legs formula is a recipe for disaster. Monster Legs 90 is a fool proof system that uses and maximizes the big legs formula in order to build jacked, muscular, monster sized legs. If you miss out on investing in Monster Legs 90 today, there is a huge chance that you will have skinny legs forever.

This means hiding your legs behind baggy pants.

This means not feeling confident in your body.

This means getting frustrated by seeing memes that say “friends don’t let friends skip leg day”.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

+ I can't squat because I have poor hip mobility, can I still do the program? +

Yes, you definitely can.

I mentioned above that I don’t think that squats are the king of building bigger legs.

Anytime I mention squats in the program, you can replace them with Bulgarian Split Squats.

+ Do I get access to all the phases/components to Monster Legs 90, or only Component 1? +

You get everything on this page. Upon purchase, you get access to Components 1-5, as well as Bonus 1, and Bonus 2.

+ I live in a different part of the world. How do I receive Monster Legs 90? +

The Monster Legs 90 System is a digital eBook and software available for instant download.
You can read it on your computer or your favorite e-reader.

+ Everyone's body is different. How will I know if this works for me? +

While everyone's body is different, the biology of your muscle is the same as everyone else.  The program is based on science and case studies to building the leg muscles.

If you're worried about it working for you, take advantage of my 60 day money back guarantee.  Use it as written for 60 days, and if you're not seeing results, you get your money back.  There is no risk involved on your part.

+ Does Monster Legs 90 work for athletes? +

First and foremost, Monster Legs 90 is a mass building program for your legs.  A nice bonus to this is that you will see your leg strength sky-rocket.  Many athletes have done the program, including soccer and football players, and they have all noticed the benefit while playing their sport.

P.S. As Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again when it doesn’t work.” So if you keep doing what you’re doing now, you’ll be in the same place next year…with chicken legs. Don’t let your skinny legs rule your life. The solution is using Monster Legs 90 because it maximizes the “Big Legs Formula”, getting rid of your chicken legs forever.

P.P.S. With Monster Legs 90, there is only one mistake you can make: not letting the program work for you. Because of this, I’m giving you “My 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” to allow you to start to build big and athletic legs that will make you feel more fit and confident. Thanks to my clients, test subjects, and proven science, I know that this simple program works. Join me RISK-FREE today.


The Monster Legs 90 System is a digital eBook and software available for instant download.
You can read it on your computer or your favorite e-reader.


[1] Wilson, Jacob, PhD, and Gabriel Wilson. “Acute Training Variables, Muscle Growth, Strength, and Power – Velocity and Frequency.” ABC Bodybuilding (2008): n. pag. Web.[2] Schoenfeld, Brad J. “The Mechanisms of Muscle Hypertrophy and Their Application to Resistance Training.” Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 24.10 (2010): 2857-872.[3] Carroll, T. J., R. D. Herbert, J. Munn, M. Lee, and S. C. Gandevia. “Contralateral Effects of Unilateral Strength Training: Evidence and Possible Mechanisms.” Journal of Applied Physiology 101.5 (2006): 1514-522.[4] Phillips SM, Tipton KD, Aarsland A, Wolf SE, Wolfe RR. Mixed muscle protein synthesis and breakdown after resistance exercise in humans. Am J Physiol. 1997 Jul;273(1 Pt 1):E99-107.