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Hi. My name is Jason and I'm a Rocket Scientist.

My one true passion is helping guys like you get into the best shape of their lives.

Here at JMax Fitness, I'm dedicated to helping guys build more muscle, get leaner, and build more strength.

To do this, every article on this website is backed up by science or a case study, and I only publish articles that are high-quality and will get you results.

After all, getting jacked isn't rocket science (trust me, I would know).

What would your life be like if?

  • You had a lean, ripped, athletic, powerful, masculine looking body so that you could feel more confident every single day?
  • Your new found confidence allowed you to be more successful and make more money?
  • Your confidence in your body allowed you to feel proud to wear a tank top to the gym, and to go shirtless at the beach?
  • You felt proud of your body so that girls will notice you, and guys will respect you?
  • You were finally able to stop being embarrassed with your body and never have to resort to yourself as a Hardgainer ever again?

The good news is that growing muscle and building the body of your dreams is a simple process and you'll learn how to do it right here, on JMax Fitness.

There's a lot of crap out there when it comes to fitness. If you're sick of the crap and only want to learn and use what works, then you've come to the right place.

Instead of digging through hundreds of books, thousands of magazines, and wasting time on trying the latest fitness methods by so called “experts” and "gurus"…

…subscribe to JMax Fitness (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN methods from best-selling authors, world-renowned academic researchers, and of course from an actual rocket scientist, me, Jason Maxwell.

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Here's What Other People Are Saying About JMax Fitness:

Before Jason’s workouts and nutrition, I fluctuated between 133 and 134 lbs. I’ve made significant progress and now weigh 162 lbs with much more muscle and have even lost fat. I’ve made significant strength gains. I started out with really light weights and now I’m able to lift over 200lbs in the deadlift. I’d highly recommend Jason’s workouts and nutrition programs.

Paul T.

Geoff Girvitz Geoff Girvitz, Owner and Operator of Bang Fitness

Jason Maxwell is one of the brightest up and coming fitness experts I know. He’s put together some material that’s easy to read, easy to follow and yields great results. If you want a no-nonsense rundown on how to get lean and stay lean, then do yourself a favour and read this.

Jon Mendes Jon Mendes, Web Developer

Simply put, this guy is awesome! Jason knows exactly what he’s talking about and makes sure that there is always a solution for any problems or issues. The progress after the first month has been astounding and I have received nothing but compliments from friends & family on the change in my ‘new look’. Most of all, I feel significantly better about myself and am easily twice as fit as I was prior to beginning the program! If you want a change for the better, don’t hesitate, Jason is the guy!

Ben Pickard, CSCS Ben Pickard, CSCS, Viking Strength Systems

Jason has created an excellent resource for the fitness world. Appropriately thorough yet easy to read, he covers everything from grocery shopping to training techniques. Combined with his step by step guide to achieve your goals this is a must have for anyone looking to redefine their physique.

David Wu David Wu, Wu Performance Therapy

is an excellent resource for anyone drowning in the information overload of today and simply wants to know what to do to build muscle and lost fat. He doesn’t just tell you what to eat and how to work out – Jason tells you all the “secret” techniques that make a fat revolution possible like advanced progress tracking and when to work out for optimal results.  I trust Jason 100% and recommend this to anyone.

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About Jason Maxwell

build muscleI grew up in a small town less with less than 3500 people and I was fat when I was younger. Because of this, I was bullied until I hit puberty, then I kind of grew out of my tubby-ness.

I was skinny-fat all through high school (even though I played every sport).

My love for lifting started in my senior year of high school in order to get stronger for football. After starting to lift weights, I was seeing some results, but I was still skinny-fat.

It wasn't until I went to Ryerson University in Toronto for Aerospace Engineering that I finally got my nutrition and lifting dialed in.

I ended up gaining 20lbs of muscle my first semester and got leaner in the process. I wasn’t skinny-fat anymore.

I became obsessed with everything to do with fitness and nutrition and after graduating I gave the middle finger to my career in rocket science for a life in helping other guys accomplish what I did with my body.

You can say that this blog was the result of me consistently screwing up until I finally got it right.

If you want to learn how to build more muscle...

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