leg workouts

12 Methods to Make Your Leg Workouts Harder

Everyone wants a strong and ripped body, but no one wants to train their legs. While Monday is the international day for training the chest, Friday is known as “Skip leg day”.Your legs have some of the biggest muscles on your body, and if you train your body, then you should also train your legs.…

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fitness ebook

9 Things to Consider When Buying a Fitness Ebook

Ahh the Internet. A place where anybody can say anything and, well, get away with anything. While print marketing of workout and nutrition books isn’t dead, the Internet has taken some massive steps forward. There are amazing products published online, both in Ebook and webinar formats.   There are also a lot of bad ones. The…

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Is Being a Hardgainer a Myth?

It’s the same little story you’ve been telling yourself over and over again. “I want to look like a rock, with chiselled abs.” You tried it before, but whenever some muscle started to show, you quit and started to cut because you were afraid of never seeing your abs again.   Therefore, you have bulked…

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Alcohol 101

Alcohol 101: 7 Tips to Get Wasted Without Wasting Your Gains

Everything in life is better on drugs. Seriously. For every possible situation, from sex to studying for your finals, there’s a drug that will improve the experience. When it comes to nightlife, alcohol is the drug of choice because it’s legal, socially acceptable and easily available. In fact, alcohol is practically required on a night…

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cook like a man

How to Cook Like a Man

When it comes to cooking these days, there seems to be a disconnect between men and the kitchen. Maybe you grew upon mom’s cooking, progressed to Ramen and dining hall food in college, and graduated to Chinese take out, frozen pizza, and Subway in your early adult years. Let’s do a little math here –…

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