Mind Over Matter: 5 Tips To Overcome Mental Roadblocks

You start at your local gym. You have your new gym apparel, you have a new diet plan and daily routine. You keep your goals in mind and push that bit harder so you can give yourself an even harder time when you cheat on the weekend. You follow your plan for up to a…

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mountain dog training john meadows

JMax Fitness Podcast: Mountain Dog Training (With John Meadows)

This week on the JMax Fitness podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting professional bodybuilder, John Meadows.  John is an expert at building muscle and getting incredibly lean. In this episode, you will learn: What makes Mountain Dog Training so effective. How to blow up your calves and shoulders. The story behind John’s breakup with Prime…

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The Mystic of Leucine

I want to tell you about a girl called Leucine. All her amino acid friends envy her, because Leucine is not just any girl, she’s a branched chain amino acid (BCAA), the most famous of the bunch even I’d say.   Over the last 2 decades, Leucine got invited to tons of parties and researchers…

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5 Intensity Techniques To Ramp Up Your Training

I’m sure you’ve heard it before.   Whispered in the hollows of grimy locker rooms, hushed rumblings from the squat rack, and spouted by bro after bro, year after year.   “Progressive overload is the only key to building muscle, burning fat, and busting through plateaus.” While that may be so, the method in which…

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Bulking – All You Need To Know

A Primer on BULKING What is Bulking? Bulking refers to dedicated period of time spent trying to actively increase bodyweight, with most of this weight being muscle. The term “bulk” a noun, a verb, and an adjective with the fitness lexicon.   He’s bulking (verb)=as in training to expressly increase his physical size. He is…

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