master the squat

Master the Squat for Tree Trunk Legs

The Squat may be the most revered exercise for lower body development, and for good reason – it just freaking works. Athletes from Bodybuilder Tom Platz, to powerlifter Kirk Karwoski, have built mammoth legs with a diet of heavy, brutal squats. The question is not if squats will build big legs, but rather how to…

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diet variety is the spice of life

Diet Variety is the Spice of Life

Ultimately, the goal of any diet is to be sustainable and to see the best impact on health and body composition. I can recall numerous experiences with people asking me why I was eating certain things while I was “dieting.” The mantra held for the longest time that if you were dieting to lose weight it…

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get big arms

Get Big Arms: A Case For Specialization

Nothing is more eye-grabbing than big, sleeve-stretching arms. Imagine working out all summer and putting on 10, 15, or even 20 pounds, and not have anyone really notice. Besides the occasional comment about how you look a bit bigger, no one is gossiping about how wide your chest is, how thick your legs got, or…

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the DUP bible

The DUP Bible

DUP, or Daily Undulating Periodization, is the new cool kid on the lifting block. It also flies in the face of everything you thought you knew about lifting. For decades upon decades, lifters have been worried about over-training. Men of muscle and might, who can bench press small bears and lift up cars, virtually mess…

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Protein Intake

Protein Intake: Why 1g/lb is a Myth

Protein. It’s every bodybuilder’s favorite macronutrient and for good reason. Protein is extremely essential, super satiating and amazingly anabolic. Protein is awesome… but you’re consuming too much of it. Like most myths, the belief that you should take in 1g/lb of bodyweight has become so deeply entrenched in the fitness world that its validity is…

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