Take Your Physique To The Next Level With 6 Simple Steps

Everything is running smooth. You’re getting stronger, your physique is changing, the compliments are flowing but everything stops.   Without fail, you find yourself in a situation where progress comes to a halt, it happens to everyone.   That doesn’t mean to quit or stop. In fact, it means the opposite. The key is knowing…

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High Frequency Arm Training – The Spaghetti Arms Solution

It’s come to my attention that there’s an offensive lack of quality arm training information being written on the internet of late (either that or I’m living under a rock, and too busy actually training arms to see it). As a tried and true meathead, this apparent black of hole of useful arm training tactics…

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top 40 fitness pros

Top 40 Fitness Professionals to Follow In 2017

2016 was tumultuous year for fitness. Full of controversy, breakthroughs, and a rise in the “bro” movement, 2016 has set the stage for what looks to be an even more exciting year to come. Each year I put on my wizard hat, look deep into my crystal ball, and predict the top 40 fitness professionals…

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The Muscle Building Power Of The 10 Rep Max

The 10 Rep maximum, your ability to lift a given load, repeatedly, for a sum total of 10 repetitions, this number has a well established place within the coda of training knowledge.   Anyone that commits their self to hoisting iron, repeatedly, and for the sake of strength, muscle or some combination thereof, they know…

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3 Exercises To Build A Monster Squat And Bigger Legs

There is a reason that the squat is considered the king of all exercises. Achieving a four-plate squat takes hard work, dedication, and an incredible amount of effort. And more than that, a big squat requires a massive amount of lower body strength, a heap of persistence, and a whole lot of mental toughness to…

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