The 5 Keys

The 5 Keys to Successful Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is one of the best hobbies a person can pursue.   Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about bulking up and becoming one of those giants posing in speedos–though these contests do have their enthusiasts.   Rather, it’s a focus on crafting the best body you can have. It encompasses everything from aerobic…

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get jacked like an athlete

JMax Fitness Podcast: Get Jacked Like an Athlete (With Eric Bach)

This week on the JMax Fitness podcast, I had the pleasure of hosting Strength Coach, Eric Bach.  Eric is my go-to guy with all things athletic training. In this episode, you will learn: How to get jacked like an athlete. Eric’s story about being 103lbs and getting crushed playing highschool football. How to look like an…

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Why You're Not Getting

Why You’re Not Getting Results (And Five Simple Fixes)

In the world of fitness, consistency is king. Results that turn heads and drop jaws are impossible without it. You can’t get six-pack abs or bulging biceps with haphazard effort. It simply won’t happen. But this isn’t groundbreaking news.   It’s possible you’re already on the right track. One of consistency. Shoot, it’s even likely…

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Feature Image

How Does Alcohol Affect Your Gains?

If you’ve set your goals on training your body so you can become more fit and lean, then you might want to avoid indulging in too much alcohol. The “alcohol is bad” agenda is well known to everybody by now and the number of reasons behind it keeps growing. But we’re not here to talk…

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13 Training Tips

13 Training Tips To Build A Bigger, Stronger Back

Remember the thick, turtle shell-esque back that you used to see on your favourite childhood superhero every Saturday morning?   The one that you’ve been trying to emulate for years?   The one that doesn’t seem to materialize, no matter what you do?   Truth be told, I understand. Back training lends itself to being…

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