3 Keys to Jacked Arms: Frequency, Sequencing, and Forearms

“Curls for the girls” may be a cute catch phrase that many dudes use to justify only training chest and biceps. Despite it’s cuteness, “curls for the girls” has been a driving force of motivation for meatheads to get into the gym and throw the semi-rusted iron around. In that case, maybe it’s not such…

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The Real Reason That “One Weird Trick” Works

Fitness marketing always seems to advertise that one weird trick, strange secret, or simple solution. The marketers play into your fitness frustration and sell you a special way to overcome the obstacles… Do X to get jacked. Eat Y to get shredded. Drink Z to get strong.   Fill in the blank with whatever “weird…

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zac efron workout

Zac Efron Workout: How to Build a Baywatch Physique

When I was growing up, there were two reasons to flip the channel to BAYWATCH: (1) Yasmine Bleeth and (2) Pamela Anderson. Perhaps I’m not giving the show the credit it deserves, but the fact remains: when someone mentions “Baywatch” we don’t remember (insert a storyline or scene from any Baywatch season here). We remember…

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hollywood x

JMax Fitness Podcast: How to Build the Hollywood Physique (With Alain Gonzalez)

Special guest Alain Gonzalez joins us in this episode of the JMax Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: The “Hollywood 5” How to build the Hollywood Physique How Chris Pratt went from dad bod to superhero What Zac Efron did to get jacked for Baywatch Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine workout And much much more… Selected Links…

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The Ultimate Muscle-Building, Injury-Proofing Stretching Protocol

If we’re completely honest, stretching is about as much fun as visiting a drunk dentist in a third world country. It’s often ignored and brushed off by many as something that’s just not important. Who has time to sit there and relax? You could be hitting supersets of bicep curls while balancing on a Bosu…

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