7 secrets of travel workouts

The 7 Secrets of Travel Workouts

Don’t let traveling hold you in maintenance mode; or worse – losing what you’ve worked so hard to gain. This article will teach you how to continue making progress while you’re away, even with minimal equipment. Lots of people travel. Whether for work, events, or just plain recreation, traveling is a regular part of life.…

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calories count

11 Reasons People Think Calories Don’t Count — And Why They’re Wrong

Calories do count. Study after study has shown that when you eat less and move more, you lose weight. However, you still hear arguments as to why that’s not true. Some of these ideas sound silly, but others make you wonder. They give you just enough doubt to think the “calories in versus calories out”…

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targeted muscle building

Muscle Specific Hypertrophy: The Guide to Targeted Muscle Building

Building a massive physique, unfortunately, requires a more measured approach than simply trying to heave as much weight as humanly possible. It requires targeted muscle building. To know how to best train a muscle, you have to first understand its physical structure, specifically its biomechanics and fiber type composition. This information helps you select the…

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does cardio ruin gains

Does Cardio Ruin Gains?

Does cardio ruin gains?  The strength and fitness worlds have, unfortunately, fallen prey to cardio fear-mongering, and I think that’s to their detriment. At this point, it should be indisputable that aerobic training can improve almost every major marker of health. I think that it might actually improve your strength and size gains (or, at…

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A Definitive Guide to Building Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises

A Definitive Guide To Building Muscle With Bodyweight Exercises

One of the biggest myths in the fitness industry is that bodyweight exercises are only useful for leaning out. So many guys think that to get big, they need to have a gym membership to gain access to free weights and resistance machines. Well that’s just not true. The truth is, it doesn’t matter whether…

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