Reach thousands of readers by being a guest author on JMax Fitness

You’ll get a link to your site/book/product, exposure to a new audience, and be compensated for your work.

First, pitch your idea to me:

Email me at support(at) with the subject line "[Write For JMax Fitness]", and pitch me your idea (that subject line needs to be exact; no quotations).

A full article is acceptable too but it doesn't mean I'll publish it.

Lastly, I'll need a bio (3 lines max) with a 150px x 150px headshot.

So to reiterate, I'll need 2 things:

  • Article or article pitch
  • Bio with headshot

Article Topics Should Include:

Keep in mind that the audience is 25-40 year old guys looking to get bigger, stronger, and leaner. Any article that will appeal to these readers is accepted. I'm open to workouts, nutrition, mental game, lifestyle, bodybuilding, habit based information, or basically anything as long as it would appeal to these readers.


  • I'm open to any ideas, feel free to pitch anything. Articles must be high class. My readers don't want to read crap and neither do I.
  • Min 1850 words up to 3500 max
  • Every claim needs to be backed up with research or a case study confirming it.  Don't lie.
  • Sharing the article to your email list and social media is expected.
  • There is no compensation. You will not be paid for your article.
  • You get 1 outbound link (in your bio).  Please specify the URL you want to link to.