pain and gain workout

Pain and Gain Workout

With the anticipation of Pain and Gain’s release on April 26th, people are starting to notice: Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are absolutely jacked.  After all, a movie about bodybuilders wouldn’t be the same if the characters resembled Andrew Garfield (yes, I think Garfield should have at least tried to put on muscle…

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A Look Into Bodybuilding

If you know me, you’d never thought that I would have written this. It’s kind of funny though, because in the past year, I’ve come full circle on my views of building muscle and bodybuilding. If you asked me a year ago what to do to build muscle, I would tell you to only doing…

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Your Questions Answered III

I just found your site and checked it out! I’m super impressed!  Is it possible to build a workout routine without going to a gym? I have full access to a gym but I’d prefer to do the majority of working out at home. I’m really motivated to work out, I’ve gained probably 15-20 pounds…

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