How To Look Your Best In Your 30s (And Beyond)

Shhh….do you hear that? It’s slow, methodical, and it sounds like it’s ticking. A tick-tock that signals the present is now the past, and the future is crashing into you. Oh wait. I forgot. You don’t know what that ticking sound is because you’re one of those millennials who grew up with digital clocks everywhere.…

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fat loss on easy mode

How to Put Your Fat Loss on Easy Mode

If you search for “how to lose fat,” you’re going to find millions of articles, tips, and tricks, all promising that they finally have the solution. This article is different. Rather than talk about specific techniques, I want to talk about mindset. In the fitness industry, we have an endless amount of diets you can…

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building jacked arms

Building Jacked Arms I The Swoliest of Pumps

Sit down, saddle up, and prepare to dive into what will be the swoliest arm workout you’ve done in a long time.   Complete with video demos, notes on exercise execution, and what each movement should feel like, prepare to stretch your sleeves, while blowing up your arms with an ungodly, skin-splitting pump.   Let’s…

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you need glutes

Guys, You Need Glutes Too

Fellas, regularly training your glutes is the best thing that you’re not doing for your physique, and that needs to change, today.   Hear me out…   Unless you too happen to be blessed with the thundering quads, hanging hamstrings, and juicy glutes born from a combination of favourable genetics and playing hockey for 12…

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fat shredder kickboxing fsk-12

JMax Fitness Podcast: Fat Shredder Kickboxing With Mike Zhang

Special guest Mike Zhang (creator of FSK-12) joins us in this episode of the JMax Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: Mike “The Champ” Zhang’s cure for long, slow, boring cardio. The 3 Phase System to using shadow boxing for fat loss. An example fat loss workout you can do at home with zero…

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