JMax Fitness Podcast: Elliott Hulse On Becoming The Strongest Version Of Yourself

Special guest Elliott Hulse joins us in this episode of the JMax Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: 4 steps to becoming the strongest version of yourself (you won’t believe #3) The pivotal moments of every man’s life (hint: these happen every 12 years and you cannot resist them.) Elliott’s struggles with his own…

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JMax Fitness Podcast: Get Your Dream Life in 2018 (With Jason Capital)

Special guest Jason Capital joins us in this episode of the JMax Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: Why Jason Capital used to travel with a blender, spinach, and kale. Why the obstacle is the way. How to have the face of Genghis Kahn and the fingers of King Midas. The true story of…

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5 fat torching metabolic conditioning workouts wall ball

5 Fat Torching Metabolic Conditioning Workouts

I’ve always considered myself a reasonably fit guy. I’ve played a variety of sports from a young age and upon turning 16, without the bat of an eye, I joined my local gym and took up the sport of lifting weights. In the years since, I have managed to build what I like to think…

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build a superman chest db bench press

Building a Superman Chest

Building a pigeon chest, man cleavage, shelf, percolating pectorals, whatever the name, a good set of chesticles is certainly a commonly shared goal by men the world over. It provides stature to how a man carries himself. For the ladies, pressing heavy weights makes them feel totally badass and is, of course, important within a…

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using olympic lifts for more muscle snatch

Using Olympic Lifts For More Muscle

As you scan your pass to your gym, you look forward to your workout, but not with the same fire that you used to have. Your squat, bench and deadlift haven’t gone up in months. Well, that’s not accurate enough. It really feels like the plates at your gym have been filled with lead instead…

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