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Get Jacked Naturally: No Needles, Pills, or Supplements Needed

I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories of massive bodybuilders popping pills, and jabbing needles into their glutes, full of chemicals you can barely pronounce.

On one hand, many of these bodybuilders have seriously impressive physiques.

But is it worth the toll these drugs can take on your body?


There are advantages and disadvantages to taking substances, but to each their own. All lifters are grown men who make their own choices. However all of us can still build a powerful physique regardless whether or not we take drugs. Some of us don’t know enough about anabolic substances and I get it, nearly everyone has no desire to spend the extra money on anabolic steroids just for some potential muscle. You also wonder to yourself, “Even if I wanted to find some needles, what secret cult do I have to befriend just to purchase a few anabolic injections? Steroids can be risky, expensive, and most of us don’t have the connections to even purchase them.

You’re Not Doomed

At some point in life most guys are faced with this feeling that they are doomed to stay small and weak forever unless they succumb to taking a few substances. It’s a pretty crumby way to feel and occurs because so many guys train like an enhanced lifter. They start to question their genetics when training like an enhanced lifter doesn’t work out for them. They assume if I do the exact same program as an enhanced lifter, I’ll be at a slight disadvantage, but I won’t be too far off.

This is not the correct approach to have. An enhanced lifter not only has an advantage, but is playing on a completely different playing field. Trying to do his program is like entering a gun fight with a bat and thinking you’ll have a decent chance. You have no chance. The same goes with building muscle, a natural lifter needs to train smarter by sticking to his game.

All of us are still able to build an absolutely stunning body without needles, pills, or even supplements regardless of genetics!

How should a natural lifter approach the quest of growing slabs of muscle you may ask? Here’s how to get jacked out of your mind with natural training and nutrition.

A Natural Lifter is Nothing Without Frequency

You see, enhanced lifters taking steroids are on a different playing field because these substances makes your body anabolic all the time, meaning they have an elevated level of muscle protein synthesis.

Muscle protein synthesis is the beautiful process responsible for making muscle. If you’re not in this state, you’re not building muscle. A natural lifter doesn’t possess a constant elevated level of muscle protein synthesis. A natural human body will spike in muscle protein synthesis when the proper stimulus is triggered for about 24-36 hours.

If you train a body part for one day a week, you will trigger muscle protein synthesis for about 24- 36 hours in that body part for the entire week. To match the level of elevated protein synthesis as an enhanced lifter, you must play to your strengths and train muscles more frequently. Let’s say you trained your arms 3 days a week instead of one, you would be elevating muscle protein synthesis more often resulting in the real consistent gains you’re dreaming of.

This is why natural lifters need to hit muscles more frequently. The traditional bro split you read about where each day is one body part (Chest day, Arm day, leg day, shoulder day, etc) is for the most part designed for enhanced lifters because frequency isn’t as important for enhanced lifters. For natural lifters, frequency is the key to your wildest muscle building dreams. Without steroids, doing a body part split where each muscle is trained only once a week is as effective as scooping protein powder with chopsticks.

get jacked naturally

Time to divorce the bro split

The body part split for the most part is for enhanced lifters and for some reason is still the norm for natural lifters who don’t know any better. Its great for enhanced and natural lifters to coexist together, but they should not be training the same way. This marriage to the body part training split is robbing you of your potential gains. It’s toxic and a divorce is needed today!

Don’t worry, I’ve found 2 partners that are far more gorgeous and know how stimulate you frequently for the growth you’re looking for. Now that’s a healthy marriage we all deserve. Let me introduce you to either the upper/lower or the full body training split. Either are deserving of your commitment and they’re both training splits that’ll hit muscles more frequently.

  1. Upper/Lower split: In this split, you alternate between upper body and lower body days with 2-3 upper body days and 2-3 lower body days. This split allows for more recovery time between muscle groups while still having high frequency.
  2. Full Body split: In this split, you train the entire body each day. This split allows for a lot of frequency and is great for those looking to only train 3 days a week.

In these gorgeous splits, you will stimulate muscles more often meaning you stay in an elevated state of muscle growth more often. This is what a natural lifter needs to get jacked. If this wasn’t enough to fully convince you to starting a high frequency training split, here are some more amazing benefits to a high frequency training split.

  • Better mastery of movements: Strength is a skill and the more often you practice specific muscle building movements, the better you learn to recruit more muscle fibers resulting in better muscle growth as well as more pounds on the bar to impress your girlfriend.
  • Higher quality sets and reps: When you’re training multiple muscles a day, you have fewer sets per muscle meaning your form will be a lot better. Think about it, when you do a body part split and hit your chest on Mondays with 30+ sets, the last 15 sets are pretty ugly in form and basically pointless. But when you hit your chest for only 5-10 sets on multiple days, the quality of each rep is going to be more beautiful than Carrie Underwood. Perfect form means a better mind-muscle connection which is crucial to getting jacked.
  • Ability to use more weight: When you target your chest for only one day with endless amounts of volume, you can’t use as much weight. With high frequency training splits, less sets are required each day resulting in the ability to use more weight because it’s easier to bench near your 1 rep max for 5 sets than it is for 25 sets.
  • More forgiving with missed workouts: If you miss leg day on a body part split, it might be a while before you’re scheduled for legs again. On a higher frequency training split, missed workouts are much more forgiving.

get jacked naturally

More Compound Movements

One of the biggest mistakes of natural lifters is trying to fill their workouts with isolations exercises. Yeah I get it, we see pictures of our favorite bodybuilders curling endlessly, but the truth is an enhanced lifter can get away with doing more isolation exercises like bicep curls. This is because their constant anabolic state allows for it as well as their base of strength has already been established.

You don’t have to banish isolation exercises forever, but compound exercises should take higher priority in your training. Natural lifters can’t afford to be prioritizing pump inducing 10 x 10 isolation sets because:

  1. Natural lifters won’t recover as well to massive amounts of volume as a juiced up lifter who’s recovery capabilities are better.
  2. Isolation exercises aren’t useful when a base of strength has not been established.

The solution is to trigger muscle growth by getting stronger in big compound movements like chin ups, presses, rows, squats, deadlifts, and lunges. You get way more bang for your buck by recruiting more muscle groups and triggering muscle growth by getting stronger in these movements. Your body will adapt to the new stresses that you place on it by building muscle.

This is called progressive overload and its simply done by adding a few more pounds to the bar each week. As you lift near maximal weight more often, you learn to recruit more muscle fibers, resulting in more growth in the nooks and crannies you never knew possible.

Your bicep curls can still stick around, but they should only make up about 20% of your workout because compound movements are more important for the natural lifter. Not to mention when prioritizing compound movements, you’ll develop the raw strength to make your isolation work deeply effective.

get jacked naturally

How to Eat for Natural Lean Muscle

In order to build muscle effectively, you should be eating in calorie surplus. The big issue with nutrition for natural lifters is that they are not able to get away with as much. Without expensive substances, their body has a limit to how much muscle is going to be built.

So if you decide to eat everything in sight assuming more food means more muscle, you’re deeply mistaken. A natural lifter must also be more intelligent with his nutrition choices and intake, but it’s simpler than you think.

Start by finding your maintenance level of calories which is about body weight x 14. Then add 10-20% to that number. This should be your total intake each day. For example if Natty Nathan weighs 180lb and wants to eat in a surplus of 15%:

  • 180 x 14 = 2520 x 1.15=2898 calories per day

Eating more than 20% above maintenance will not result in more muscle, but most likely more fat that no one wants.

The next component is to eat about 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight and generally eating whole food sources like eggs, potatoes, bananas, spinach, and beef. It really is that simple, but remember staying consistent will result in more muscle not eating excessively above your maintenance.

Don’t Forget to tell your Local Meathead

These are the strengths that a natural lifter must take advantage of, but an enhanced lifter would benefit from some of these training tips as well. Don’t forget to tell your local meathead, so we can all live the dream of building slabs of muscle. Their choice is their choice and your choice is yours, but regardless of needles being involved, muscle can be made if you stick to your game.

Train muscles frequently, prioritize compound movements, and eat in a slight calorie surplus and you’ll build a physique more impressive than your local meathead who eats steroids for breakfast. Now go make some natural muscle and don’t forget to share this with anyone who doesn’t know how to play the natural game correctly.

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