How To Build Muscle When You Reach 30

There’s no denying that when you reach the age of 30, things become different. You tend to be more focused on pursuing your career, taking care of your family, or even slacking off rather than strengthening your body and keeping your health at an optimum. Some may have been the most envied body back when they were younger but as soon as stress, responsibilities, and other factors got in their way, they lost track of what supposed to be a beautifully sculpted body.

One of the reigning factors that leads to a weak body of people in their mid-30’s is the lack of a healthy lifestyle. A poor daily routine contributes to a body that is prone to injuries and diseases once a person reaches his or her 30’s. This is why there’s a need for people on their 30’s to up their game and improve their lifestyles. (Smith, 2018)

It’s time to leave that sedentary lifestyle and be active! Don’t let your body lose its glorious shape and your health’s overwhelming glory. It’s never too late to start your road to a healthier and better you and we’re here to help you achieve that younger and feel-good aura that you missed.

What Happens to Your Body When You Reach 30?

Our muscles’ strength and mass begin to decline once we reach the age of 30 and goes further as we age. There will be an obvious shrinking of your muscles most especially if you don’t engage in physical activities more often. This is why those who are considered as not athletic or really lives a stagnant lifestyle have a more obvious and faster dip in muscle degradation. (Smith, 2018)

But the good thing about it is that you can help slow down this process and improve the strength of your body through proper weight training and diet. Another possible way is to take part in some resistance training that can help improve your muscle growth.

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Stock Up with Protein

Our muscles are mainly composed of protein that is why feeding your muscles with enough protein can help it develop further and increase its capacity to do more work. Those people who are not physically active before they reach their 30’s have a higher tendency of losing 3% to 5% of the mass of their muscles. (Grinnell, Unknown Date)

This is why adding more protein to your diet is fairly important most especially if you will be going to the gym to lift up some weights. Weightlifting demands a lot of muscle work which in return needs more nourishing from amino acids found in protein-rich food. It also helps delay the consistent loss of muscle mass as you grow older.

There is a lot of food in the market that offers a good amount of protein these includes yogurt, eggs, chicken, fish, and red meat. Other than that, there are also supplements that are boasting with a protein content that can help further improve your muscles like whey protein for instance.

With a busy schedule, we know that it is a little tough to go on with hardcore workouts but with the availability of protein-rich food and supplements, there is no reason not to have your daily dose.

Know Your Food Better

There’s no denying that as you age, your food intake and nutrition gets more limited and a little sophisticated in terms of vitamin and mineral content. With this, you must be readily aware of the types, kinds, and differences of the food that you are eating, the same thing goes with the food supplements that you are consuming. Remember that any untoward mistakes made in the kitchen and in preparing your food may be hard to reverse in the future which is why you must be a little picky when it comes to the food that you eat.

Planning on the time that you eat can greatly help you sustain that optimum nutrient level that your aging body needs. One pro tip that you might find useful is to have a meal that is simple so that you can check up on which food group will work on you better and which will be somewhat bad to your exercise and such. This lessens the probability of committing errors in the future with regards to food intake. (Youells, Unknown Date)

how to build muscle when you reach 30

Get Your Hormones Running

As you age, the hormones on your bodies also decrease this is why there are times that you will feel weak, slow, and down. The best thing that you can do to counteract this is to do high-intensity resistance workouts like deadlifts, squats, and extensive push or pull movements. This will help in sending appropriate signals to your brain to produce more testosterone. (Laidler, 2015)

The lack of strenuous physical activities contributes to the decreased levels of production of this hormone. Aside from that, it is also important to allow your brain to activate and produce more growth hormones since it can help improve your body built as well. Good sleep and rest is the best possible way of achieving this.

Choose Appropriate Workout Routines

It is very important to give your muscles a hard knock. Don’t treat it as a baby because you’re actually not getting any younger and you need to pump it up to a higher level. It is best to set up and plan a workout routine that will tackle all the muscle parts of your body.

A person should choose about 8 to 10 different exercises that will target the chest, back, core, legs, shoulders, and hips and do these in 8 to 12 repetitions per set. To attain the better result, most probably you should do as much as 3 sets for these exercises but don’t forget to have at least 60 seconds for starters and decrease the duration of rest as you improve your strength in the future. (Wolfe, Unknown Date)

You don’t have to do your workout routine every single day because 1 to 3 days a week is already enough for your muscles to achieve its full glory. Another thing is that you must and should change your workout routine every 4 to 6 weeks to prevent the plateau of your muscle development. This means you must increase the level of your routine as your strength increases and your muscle mass improves.

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Watch out for Injuries and Problems Concerning the Joints

As you grow older, your body becomes more and more prone to injuries or is at risk of contracting joint pains and such when getting involved with high-tension work or activities. This is why resolving to strength increasing training routines are beneficial to reduce these kinds of risk that may occur on your muscles and joints. You wouldn’t want to feel bad or have your performance be decreased because of unwanted and unforeseen injuries in the future. (Samuels, Unknown Date)

Moreover, there’s also some risk involved in going through hardcore workout and training. At some point, you may experience joint and muscle pains when you have accidentally twitched an ankle or a muscle. When this occurs, it is never right to stop the whole training and bodybuilding process because this might just lead to thorough weakening and gaining more weight in the future. (Youells, Unknown Date)

As a matter of fact, it is suggested that if you incur an injury, you must continue working out but avoid putting too much pressure on the affected region. Find other exercises that are almost the same level of difficulty or endurance to the previous exercise while targeting the regions that surround that area that hurts. But make sure that it wouldn’t cause any more pain or damage or this might be a big problem that you will surely have to address more in the future.

Allow your body to recover from a strenuous activity or workout routine by having enough sleep during the night. Remember that you are not getting any younger and your body needs to have that solemn rest that it deserves. This is why listening to what your body needs are also very much important just like keeping your muscles well toned and your overall physique at tip-top shape.

Make The Most Out of Your 30’s

Don’t be a couch potato. It is never too late to have your body and health improve even when hit the 30th benchmark. There are a lot of things that you can do to improve your muscles and prevent its degradation. You wouldn’t want to look and feel like your age, right?

Remember that your body is a vessel of health and life. It is very important to nourish it and take care of it so that you can do more every single day. A healthier body means a happier life even at your mid-30’s.

It may be a hard process but it is very much possible to achieve. All you need to do is to be dedicated, follow the right everyday regime, and watch out for the things that might affect your body’s capacity to improve. Once settled, you are good to go and ready to conquer the world even on your 30’s.



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