Mike’s Story – How He Lost 19.2lbs in 6 Weeks

how to build muscleMeet Mike G. But you can call him “Gags”.

I prefer Mikey G, but I’m sure he doesn’t.

When Gags came to me, he was looking for fast results.

Super fast.

He was already in decent shape, but he wanted more. He wanted to know how to lose fat and maintain muscle. He told me that he wanted to be able to see his abs and get as lean as possible.

He wanted all this in 6 weeks.

6 freakin’ weeks. Talk about leaving things to the last minute.

For the progress he wanted to make, it would usually take about 16 weeks. When asked “why 6 weeks?”, he actually had a good reason.

His goal was to enter a body composition competition online, so he only had 6 weeks.

On top of this, he had some pretty complicated thoughts going through the back of his mind. He later revealed to me:

“I’m sick of yo-yoing up and down in weight. I want to lose the fat and then make adjustments to my lifestyle so I can maintain my leanness. I think you can help keep me accountable and keep me on track towards my goals. Like I said, I tend to read a lot and get lost in my own analysis. I think you can help me stay the way until my goal of getting lean as possible is complete.

I want to look good and have more confidence in everything that I do, but I also think that getting lean and staying that way will help me stay healthier as I get older.

I’m starting to hate what I see when I look in the mirror. I know what I want to look like, but I always either manage to make excuses or sabotage my diet and can’t get there. My family also has history of heart disease and cancer, so I know getting leaner and making this a lifestyle change will help me in the long run.”

Once Gags told me this, I knew that he would be motivated and stick to the plan.

How to Lose Fat: The Plan

For Gags’ workouts, his schedule was a little tricky. Due to being a father of a 4 year old, he could only workout on Thursday at 5am, Friday at 5am, and every other weekend. My plan was as follows:

Have a standard full body fat loss focused gym workout on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as every other weekend. On top of this, we added Super High Intensity Interval Training (SHIIT) on Wednesdays, and bodyweight workouts to be performed at home on the weekends that he couldn’t go to the gym. To finish some of the workouts, we focused on bringing out the size of his back and shoulder width. This way, he would look more aesthetically appealing in his “After” pictures.

As for nutrition, we started off with his bodyweight multiplied by 10 in calories. For instance, in the beginning, he weighed 208lbs, so we had him eating 2080 calories. From this, we completely cut out starchy carbs.

During his last week, Gags was following a peaking protocol to make him look much leaner in his “After” picture. The highlights of the peaking protocol were drinking lots of water, pissing way too much, and then not drinking much water at all. All in all, Gags would agree that the peak week sucked, but it was worth it.

At the end of the 6 weeks, Gags posted this photo on Facebook.

how to build muscle

He absolutely killed the program, and I couldn’t be more proud. These days, we are slowly increasing Gags’ calories and carbs in order to minimize the amount of fat he gained. He just got back from vacation, so he is ready to kick some major ass in the next upcoming months.

Watch out for more pictures of him. He’s a rockstar in my books.

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