The Ultimate Muscle Building Cardio Workout

Cardio was once taboo for men who want to build serious muscle. And rightfully so. The U.S. National Library of Medicine recently reported men who practice endurance training had lower testosterone levels than men who didn’t exercise at all…


That’s right… cousin Vinny, sitting on the couch and playing video games all day may have more testosterone than a fit and active endurance athlete… The madness!


However, recent scientific research discovered 4 breakthrough methods to maximize your cardio workouts for more muscle growth, greater strength gains, and a surge in testosterone and growth hormone levels. It’s every man’s quadruple threat. Check it out…

Turn Traditional Cardio into Anabolic Cardio

The term “anabolic”, simply means muscle building. And according to an exercise test conducted at the University of North Carolina, when performed properly, men can elevate their testosterone levels and growth hormone levels for maximum muscle building results by 540% in as little as 16-minutes per workout.

The results are almost immediate…

In the study, researchers used blood samples from the male participants every 15-minutes for testing. The results showed anabolic hormone levels were significantly higher during and after each Anabolic Cardio session.

Ultimately, the research shows men can have their very own muscle building cardio workout when using the proper technique.

How does this compare to traditional cardio?

Well, unfortunately, most forms of long distance endurance training, and even some forms of HIIT cardio have been shows to increase the fat-storing hormone, cortisol. When cortisol levels are high, the body naturally holds onto more fat, making getting lean and ripped a challenge.

You see, when cortisol levels increase, your testosterone levels decrease. Think of it like a seesaw on a playground. One side goes up, the other must come down. It’s gravity. And the same principle applies to cortisol and your master male hormone.

So if you want to keep your anabolic hormones high in the sky, while you build rock-hard muscle, burn fat, and boost your sex drive, keep cortisol out of your body. One way to do that… swap traditional cardio for muscle building cardio.

muscle building cardio

Beta Alanine Pre-Workout

The International Journal of Sports Medicine will tell you supplementing with beta alanine before each workout will increase your muscular endurance to the point of benefiting your muscle making progress.

The research showed men who consumed just 4.8 grams of beta alanine per day noticed a 22% increase in muscular endurance. Blood samples also showed elevated testosterone levels.
Here’s why this rocks. The longer you can expose your body to lactic acid during a working anabolic running set, the more muscle you will build, the more fat you will burn.

This supplement helps you last longer during the exercise for some massive anabolic benefits.

Researchers did note, although the increase in muscular endurance and male sex-hormone count was clear, the experimenters aren’t one-hundred percent sure if the increase in testosterone was a direct result of the beta-alanine, or a direct result of the extra work capacity and exposure to lactic acid in the participants.

Go “All-Out” Longer

The major muscle-building chemical released in your body during a workout is called lactic acid. This substance is only created when exercise intensity reaches a specific workload known as the “lactic threshold tipping point” [Read more here]…

A recent study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine confirms those who do not reach the “lactic threshold tipping point” in their cardio workouts get ZERO access to the release of muscle-building hormones…

No muscle-building hormones means no muscle growth or spikes in testosterone. This my friend is what most guys would consider a giant waste of time.

Sure, you may burn some calories regardless, but if your goal is muscle building cardio then you’ve missed the mark by a long shot.

Referring back to the exercise experiment in muscle building cardio secret #1, the results from the research conclude anabolic cardio sessions that reach and hold in the lactic threshold dramatically increase muscle-building hormone levels as high as 540% from the very first workout.

Do Anabolic Cardio One Hour Before Training

When cardio and strength training workouts are not planned for success, typically you’ll run into a frustrating physiological wall called the interference effect. Have you heard of it?

The interference effect is a phenomenon where cardiovascular exercise shrinks strength progress and lowers your muscle building potential.

muscle building cardio

However, with the research provided above, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, anabolic cardio workouts can boost your strength training performance, yielding far more muscle gains.
Referring back again to our focus experiment in muscle building cardio secret #1 – the data shows a spike in anabolic hormones up to two hours post anabolic cardio workout…

Meaning, you have the opportunity to use your body’s most powerful hormones during your strength training workouts for great muscle gains and accelerated fat loss… if timed properly.

Below is an example a muscle-building cardio workout you can follow:

9:00 am: Anabolic Running Workout Start
9:20 am: Anabolic Running Workout Complete
9:30 – 11:30 am: Anabolic hormone window is open for max muscle gains during strength training with weights or bodyweight resistance.

This muscle building cardio formula can be used any time during the day.

To wrap up, research has debunked the myth that cardio is only effective for fat loss. When performed correctly, you can build muscle and increase your master male-hormone levels for muscle building success.

To learn more about Anabolic Cardio training – click here.

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