The Closest Thing to Drugs: Supplements to Get Lean

how to build muscleWhen I walked into Pauper’s Pub, my shoes were sticking to the floor.

Even though I knew the answer, I still couldn’t convince my brain that the floor was gummy due to beer and not piss.  The lights were dim and I wasn’t going to get on my hands and knees to check.

I was too busy looking for a short Kashmiri guy with an impressively well-trimmed beard.

We had been planning to meet up for a few weeks, but our schedules never lined up.  He told me that he knew of the best supplements to take to get lean: supplements with research behind them showing that they almost work as well as drugs.  Building muscle and losing fat is the name of the game.

After feeling completely lost on the piss-adhesive floor, I found him.

“Are you Sol Orwell?” I asked.

“Yeah Buddy.  Have a seat.  A few others are meeting us here.”

I ordered the lamb soup, and asked Sol the question going on in my head for months.

Surprisingly, he answered and said he wasn’t related to George Orwell.

I was disappointed.

Sol’s answer to my second question didn’t disappoint me, though.  You see, Sol runs, the largest and best research driven supplement site on the net.

Basically, if I need to know if a supplement is amazing or all fluff, Examine is the place to be.

In fact, “Fluff” should have been my middle name back when I was in high school and wasted my money on useless supplements like soy protein and mass gainers.  It would have been nice to know Sol back then.

If anyone knows a thing or two about supplements, it’s Sol.  He has read almost every single scientific paper and journal on supplements.  He’s an expert.

I knew this, and I just had to ask.

“So…Sol.  What are the best supplements when it comes to losing fat and building muscle?”

When he answered, I felt like I was shot in the chest with an RPG filled with science.  His eyes lit up and a huge smile appeared on his face.  Here are the top 4 supplements he told me to take in order to look shredded:


There’s no surprise here.  Sol told me that creatine is the most well researched supplement, and it’s one of the best for muscle building.  There are more studies showing creatine’s safeness and effectiveness than there are showing that it doesn’t work.  On top of this, if you stack it with the next three supplements below, you will feel like you are on drugs.


Beta-Alanine is a buffering agent.  It reduces the acidity in the muscle cells, and extends the time to muscular exhaustion.  This means you will be able to do more reps before you fatigue.  This is huge when it comes to building muscle.


Leucine is an activator of the protein known as mTOR.  When mTOR is activated, it induces positive protein synthesis.  When protein synthesis is positive, you are building muscle.  Enough said.


Many people hate on caffeine, but the research is clear: it is a potent fat burner.  Sol recommended to start with 200mg in the morning and increase if necessary.  On top of this, he said if I really wanted to accelerate fat burning, then I could also try taking the caffeine with ephedrine and aspirin, but that was if I wanted accelerated fat burning.

After talking shop with Sol and the rest of the table, I left Sol with these parting words, “Dude, you should write a book.”

I was half joking, but Sol must have taken me seriously.

He didn’t write a book.  He wrote a freakin’ encyclopedia.  Last week, he sent it to me with this message:

how to build muscle

He called it the Supplement Goals Reference Guide, but in reality, it’s an encyclopedia that is the cheat sheet to better health, a better body, and a better life.

I highly suggest you pick it up here: Click here

After all, the damn thing pays for itself, as it tells you what supplements work, and what supplements are crap.

I wish I had this before I wasted my money on soy protein powder and mass gainers.