top 40 fitness pros 2018

Top 40 Fitness Professionals to Follow In 2018

2017 is in the books. Once again, it proved to be another crazy year in fitness.

Each year, I tune up my Delorean, cruise down the road to see the top 40 fitness professionals who are going to be doing big things in the field, then put this list together so you can be sure to give them a follow.

1. Jordan Syatt

World record holding powerlifter, Instagram sensation and Gary Vaynerchuk’s coach. A pretty impressive resume Jordan has going on. Along with his above accomplishments, Jordan helps people from around the world transform their body and life through his online membership site – Syatt Fitness Inner Circle. With the momentum he’s built up in 2017, Jordan is going to be the fit pro to watch in 2018.


2. Nick Cheadle

The man who held last year’s number one spot, Nick Cheadle, is posed to take 2018 by the horns. Hailing from the land down under, Nick believes in coaching programs that are sustainable; taking into account his clients schedules, preferences and limitations. With an ever growing social media following, Nick is setting up for a huge 2018.



3. Molly Galbraith

Founder of Girls Gone Strong, Molly is on a mission to improve the minds and bodies of women all over the world. Molly is committed to helping women embrace their bodies and fall in love with themselves. With the Girls Gone Strong movement already hitting the 500,000 follower mark, there’s no limit to the number of women can help in the coming year.



top 40 fitness professionals 2016 - JMax Fitness4. Greg O’Gallagher

The founder of the famous Kinobody chooses to do things that can be seen as “out there”. His movie adaptions allows him to reach thousands upon thousands from all around the world. Keep this guy in your sights throughout the year.



5. Mind Pump Media

The guys over at Mind Pump Media – Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, Justin Andrews and Doug Egge – took the podcast world by storm this year. A weekly podcast isn’t enough for these guys; with a new episode being release almost every day, Mind Pump isn’t pumping out so much quality they’re leaving everyone in the dust. If you’re not already listening to these guys, 2018 is the time to start.


6. Brad Schoenfeld

Known as the “Hypertrophy Specialist”, Brad Schoenfeld is always at the cutting edge when it comes to muscle building research. If there’s a new method out there on how to build muscle, you can bet Brad is going to be putting it to the test in the upcoming year.




7. Dr. John Rusin

Do you want want to feel better and look great naked at the same time? Dr. John Rusin is the best man for the job. He’s constantly merging the gap between physical therapy and fitness. His top-notch articles and Instagram content makes him one the top professionals to follow when your goal is to move better while improving your physique.



8. Eric Bach

With an ever growing online coaching business, his new BOSS coaching group and venturing into business coaching for other fit pros who want to stop trading hours for dollars, Eric is primed for a huge 2018. Whether it’s on his Instagram, email list or Facebook group, be sure to follow Eric and his relentless pursuit of the basics.



9. John Meadows 

The mountain dog is still proving that it’s possible to have a job dropping body well into your 40’s. Along with his bodybuilding accolades, John made a huge push with his YouTube page in 2017. If you want to get sore – and learn a thing or two about building muscle – by simply watching someone else workout, check out the Mountain Dog’s YouTube channel.



10. Spencer Nadolsky

The ‘Doc Who Lifts’. 2017 was huge for Spencer with the launch of his partnership with SteadyMD, an online program pioneering a completely new model of primary care. Spencer being involved with SteadyMD will be huge, not only in fitness, but with all of the health field.




11. Ben Bruno

Victoria’s Secret models, Hollywood celebrities and NBA stars; just a few of the clients Ben Bruno has on his roster. Ben is breaking into mainstream media to spread his strength training gospel. He was on the Today Show earlier this year, so he’s doing something right.




12. Alan Aragon

2018 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Alan Aragon Research Review (AARR), so it’s fitting you keep your eyes peeled for big things from him. When it comes to filtering scientific research so mortals can understand it, Alan is second to none.




13. Krista Scott-Dixon

The queen of behavior change psychology within the fitness field never ceases to amaze when it comes to teaching fit pros how to coach their clients. Krista is the curriculum creator for Precision Nutrition’s coaching program. Big things are in store for Krista and the folks at Precision Nutrition after recently releasing their curriculum to all certified Precision Nutrition coaches.



14. Vince DelMonte

An author, father and former skinny kid, Vince DelMonte continues to add muscle men all around the world. Since his mission is to help 1 million build muscle by 2020, 2018 is going to be a huge step toward that goal for Vince.




15. Ben Pakulski

Ben “Pak-Man” Pakulski is an IFBB Pro and the creator of the MI40 programs. Ben uses his 20 plus years of bodybuilding experience to help us mortals put on as much muscle as possible. In addition to writing for his website, he started his own podcast this year – Muscle Expert Podcast. With the top notch guests he has on his podcast, Ben is someone you need to be following this year.



16. Alex Mullan

Alex Mullan is ‘Not Your Average Meathead’. A nationally qualified bodybuilder, espresso connoisseur and the ability to turn a phrase with the best of them, Alex’s newly minted Anti-Meathead Method is helping men and women all over the world develop jaw dropping physiques. With his eye turning toward helping other fitness professionals with their copy writing needs, Alex is going to be on everyone’s radar in 2018.


17. John Romaniello

New York Times best selling author, an elite online coaching program, the RFS mastermind and another book in the works; what can’t John Romaniello do? He continues to lead from the front and it looks like 2018 will be no different for Roman.




18. Paul Carter

Paul Carter put out a consistent stream of content on his website, Instagram, T-Nation and other notable publications throughout 2017. There’s no doubt Paul will continue his no-nonsense approach to building your best body in 2018.




19. Alain Gonzalez

The man who was once skin and bones (obviously not the case anymore) released his new book – Bulk Up Fast – just before the close of 2017. Alain is relentless in his goal of helping as many guys as possible become muscle monsters.




20. Jason Ferrugia

A top fit pro list would’t be complete without including the legend Jason Ferrugia. His Renegade Radio podcast is going strong along with his online membership site. No matter the year, Jason seems to add a ridiculous amount of value to the fitness field.




21. Connor Murphy

Connor Murphy wants to do one thing: help you build a body women go crazy for. That’s the crux of his Adonyx Coaching Program. With his Instagram and YouTube followings blowing up in the last year, be on the watch for Connor making huge moves in 2018.




22. Peter Tzemis

Dubbed “America’s Honest Fitness Coach”, Peter’s reach extends well beyond fitness. He’s worked with entrepreneurs and Hollywood celebrities. Peter’s goal is to change 1 million men into the healthiest, most attractive and fit versions of themselves.



23. Mike Zhang

Mike is a kickboxing and fitness coach from Toronto, Ontario. With his years of experience in Muay Thai, he created the 12 Minute Fat-Shredder Kickboxing program which has helped thousands of clients change their lives.




24. Bryan Krahn

The ageless wonder with some of the greatest hair in fitness continued pumping his knowledge into the field throughout 2017. Helping more and more men who are over 40 look awesome all while being supervised by his two bulldogs.




25. Jill Coleman

Writer, fitness model, business consultant and changing women’s bodies and minds for the better. Jill Coleman does it all. She’s faced many of the issues other women go through, both physically and mentally, so she’s in a prime position to continue her great work in 2018.




26. Bret Contreras

The king of glutes. Bret still puts his focus into ridding the world of flat butt syndrome. Working with high level fitness models and competitors has expanded his reach, especially through Instagram. Be sure to keep follow Bret if you’re wanting to up your glute game in 2018.




27. RNT Fitness

Akash Vaghela and Adam Hayley of RNT Fitness are a physique competitor’s dream team. In my opinion, they have some of the best info for natural trainees, and they’re always looking to get better. Watch out for them in 2018, as I’m predicting that they’ll be coaching some of the top physique competitors in the world, with more to come.




28. Christian Thibaudeau

One of the most innovative coaches in the game is relentless with his knowledge bombs. Christian is never satisfied with his protocols. He’s had more of a push on social media in 2017, so his brain is being exposed a new crowd on a daily basis.




29. Joel Seedman

If you think you’ve seen every exercise fitness has to offer, Joel Seedman will have something to say. The PHD seems to have a new exercise variation each and every day. With 2017 being big for Joel in terms of his social media presence, along with being published on all of the major websites, 2018 is going to be a big one for this coach.



30. Joe LoGalbo

Joe is the creator  of Anabolic Running, a program specifically designed for men who want to boost their testosterone, build muscle, enhance their sex life and increase their overall well-being. Be on the lookout for great things from this young coach in 2018.




31. Jason Helmes

The teacher turned online fit pro is showing no signs of stopping the growth of Anyman Fitness. His membership site and online coaching program continue to do well for the normal person looking to lose a little – or a lot – fat.




32. Jorden Pagel

In-person trainer, online coach, and writer. Jorden is a former fat kid turned fitnes coach who helps clients turn their fitness dreams into fitness realities. Jorden is setting up 2018 on the tee and waiting to crush it.




33. Mike Israetel

Mike is a bodybuilder, competitive grappler and owner of an alphabet of letters behind his name. As head science consultant over at Renaissance Periodization, Mike knows a thing or two about training and nutrition.




34. Layne Norton

Layne is a highly accomplished natural bodybuilder, powerlifter, established fitness writer, and Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences. Along with writing for his website, he regularly contributes to the scientific literature on physique optimization. Layne continues to be on the cutting edge of training and nutrition within the industry.



top 40 fitness professionals 2016 - JMax Fitness35. John Berardi

The co-founder of Precision Nutrition is still dominating the nutrition game. John and Precision Nutrition are revolutionizing how coaches work with their clients along with transforming the bodies of thousands upon thousands of their own clients. Expect bigger and better things from John in 2018.


36. Chad Howse

Chad is on a mission to help men reclaim their masculinity. As a fantastic writer and storyteller, Chad writes on his website to help his readers Be Legendary. Chad plans on helping more men than ever in 2018.




37. Carter Good

After going through his own transformation – losing 140 pounds – Carter now helps his clients overcome the struggles he once faced. Carter’s ever growing Instagram following makes him a force to be reckoned with in 2018.




38. Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter has been a certified personal trainer and nutritionist for over 10 years. He has worked as a fitness model for Nike, Puma, Adidas, Men’s Health, and many other reputable brands. With a huge following, Brandon is going to make a splash in 2018.




39. Adam Pfau

This young coach has already done big things in his short career. Adam posts videos of his workouts on YouTube, motivating all who watch. With an army of followers, there’s no telling what Adam will accomplish in the new year.




40. Jason Maxwell

Of course, this list list of fit pro’s to keep an eye on wouldn’t be complete without yours truly. Year over year, the JMax Fitness tribe keeps on growing, and the Max Fit Lab is picking up steam as lifters around the world are getting incredible results. Keep your eyes out for cutting edge information on how to build muscle in 2018.