Jason Maxwell family and online training mentorship

Update on My Hiatus (And The Online Trainer Mentorship)

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted an article on here since June 2019. It’s been a while…

I just wanted to catch up with you and answer a quick question that so many of my friends have been asking me…

What the heck are you up to these days Jason?!

Well, as you may know, in 2017, I started coaching people how to grow their online training businesses for fun. I quickly realized that I was more passionate about teaching business than teaching fitness.

I built a full-blown mentorship program in 2018. I was super proud of it, but something just didn’t feel right about it. The content was great, and worked for the clients, but the experience and “feeling” of the product wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I remember having the same thought over and over: I wish I could make this like a Jonathan Goodman product.

You see, Jonathan Goodman has been my mentor since I met him in 2011. I always looked up to him and the quality of his products. His products in the fitness industry gave me the same feeling as buying a new iPhone or MacBook computer. I can’t really describe it any other way, and if you’ve used one of Jon’s products, you know exactly what I mean.

In 2019, I remember telling him this over dinner at a Turkish restaurant here in Toronto.

“Why don’t you just join me at the PTDC and we can make that product?”

That’s when Online Trainer Mentorship was born.

The Online Trainer Mentorship promises to help you earn at least $15,000 in 12 weeks by solving three big problems:

  1. Strategic Content: Social media is useless if you use it the wrong way.
  2. Client Care: Winging it doesn’t work.
  3. Lack of Systems (and Direction).

Since Covid-19, the fitness industry has changed, and our mentorship program changed with it. But the goal is always the same: help people scale to $6k, 10k, 20k, and even 50,000 a month. This is for great trainers, gym owners, nutrition coaches, and influencers looking to make great incomes.

Since then, I’m so happy to have worked with over 600 incredible coaches. People like: 

Rowan Smith, whose online training business now makes over $50k/mo (he works with hikers). Before he joined us, he was contemplating buying his wife an engagement ring, or working with us. He chose to work with us, 10x’d his business, bought his (now wife) a ring, and gave her her dream wedding.

Melissa Shevechenko, who scaled her online training business from $5k/mo to $50k/mo, retired her husband, and now escapes the cold Alberta winters by living in Mexico.

-Ryan Treadaway, who 8x’d his online training business, and is currently building his family their dream home.

In the Online Trainer Mentorship, the way that we get clients these almost unbelievable results is by breaking down an online training business into 4 elements: 

Content, Conversations, Calls, and Clients. We call these the 4 C’s. 

You’ll get a success coach and a specialist coach for each of the 4 C’s and work on one thing at a time, and we guarantee it works.

If you’re interested in learning how to build and scale up your online training business, then we’re here to help. Click the link below to learn more and apply:

–> Online Trainer Mentorship (more info)

I’m really proud of what we’ve built and super excited to see where we take things in the next few years.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Wanted to give you a little update before I take off for the weekend to spend time with my family here in Toronto…oh ya, I forgot to mention: I have a family now 🙂