Your Questions Answered II

Jason, your website is awesome. I was just wondering what the best work out drinks are? I will be spending enough on post workout supplements so I am looking for something on the inexpensive side that I can make.  Any suggestions?

Dave M.

Dave, good question.  First, what you need to do is re-read my Workout Drinks article, and make a list of what you need depending on your goals.  Second, my recommendation is to go buy all of those supplements at  They offer free shipping on purchases over $100.  Also, type in the following code to get an additional 15% off of your purchase: 15wf.  (I am in no way affiliated with Whey-Factory, I just believe in their products).


Jason, you have great tips on your website.  I recently started following the 80/20 rule for strength, and it’s been kicking my ass.  The one thing you never talk about is: forearms.  How do I get them to grow?

Andrew H.

First of all, I never directly address forearms.  Follow the 80/20 rule in the weight room, eat to win, and your forearms will grow.  A great way to get them to grow faster (and larger) is to increase your grip strength.  What’s the best way to increase your grip strength?  Throw away your lifting straps and start using fat bar training, or Fat Gripz.  I’ve been playing around with Fat Gripz recently, and I love them.  I recommend using them for upper body pushing and pulling.  Just slip these babies onto your dumbbell, and you will instantly have a fat bar dumbbell.

Fat Gripz

Click the image to buy.


Jason, I don’t mean this negatively, but why are you giving such strict nutrition tips in your Fat Loss Tips article?

Alexandra D.

Alexandra, you’re right.  Those tips are strict.  This article is intended for people who are at a very high level with their nutrition, have hit a fat-loss plateau, or are looking to get very lean.  For most people, they will see the best results by following the nutrition protocol in my article, “Eat to Win”.


Thanks for the great questions, and I look forward to answering more questions in the future.

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