the smelly side of bulking eating

The Smelly Side Of Bulking

I finally figured out why the Hulk was so angry. It wasn’t from the obscene levels of gamma radiation that Bruce Banner took in. It’s actually that when he developed the giant muscles that made every guy on planet earth jealous, he was ACTUALLY angry because of the giant bulk he was on. He got…

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how to lose fat while getting stronger curl

20 Minutes To Muscle

If you are a coach or gym rat (or both like me!), you need about as much encouragement to train as asking a dog if it’s ready to go for walkies. They’re always down for that, and playing fetch, and food, and treats. Definitely some parallels there right? But I digress. In an ideal world…

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the 5 best back building exercises

5 Ways To Build A MASSIVE Set Of Traps

A big back. It’s what separates the men from the boys in the weight room and is a true sign of strength and know how when it comes to lifting weights and building muscle. Flaring Lats like a Cobra, Rhomboids as thick as concrete, Erector spinae running up your centre like two steel rods and…

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build bigger wheels without squats quads

Build Bigger Wheels Without Squats

I almost feel a little guilty writing an article about not squatting. Two years ago I may have been too bull headed to even try. But the truth is that heavy squatting can be amazing for some people, and a brutal pain in the back to others. As much as I personally love the squat,…

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the forgotten muscle building phase

The Forgotten Muscle Building Phase

Just finished a strict cut? Shredded to the gills, but feeling a bit small? Time to slap on some more meat right? Conventional advice would be to switch to a bulking phase. What if you just finished an epic bulk and it’s time to get shredded again? The same people would tell you to switch…

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