the truth about estrogen curl

The Truth About Estrogen

If you spent any time building muscle you’ve been privy to the negativity surrounding estrogen. The bad rep in the body building community for estrogen is thanks to its association with subcutaneous fat. Since the hormone is predominantly attributed to women who end to have higher body fat, it’s naturally assumed that estrogen is bad…

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the forgotten muscle building phase

The Last 5 Exercises You’ll Ever Use

Musk and his team have finally accomplished the impossible and established the first human settlement on Mars. But wait, nobody told them that there were Martians waiting all along for us to find an effective way to travel between the two planets. The main agenda of theirs, ‘Capture the weak earthlings.‘ A few of such…

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5 exercises that actually suck and what you should do instead split squat

5 Exercises You Don’t Really Need

Building muscle is a relatively easy procedure. Step 1. Go to gym. Step 2. Crush workout. Step 3. Eat Like a king. Step 4. Sleep. Step 5. Repeat Step 1-4. Not too crazy, eh? Sorry. My Canadian is showing. Unfortunately we seem to make it harder on ourselves than it needs to be, especially for…

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Are You Making These Muscle Building Mistakes?

“Wait, not another article telling me all of the things I’ve been doing wrong…” I feel you, no one likes to hear that all of the time and effort spent in the gym could have produced a far greater return on investment. I’ve had way more conversations and sessions than I care to remember with…

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How to Crush Your Workouts, Not Your Joints

You ever imagine running straight through a brick wall? Building muscle might be one of the most incredible feelings in the world. As you put on these slabs of lean muscle, you watch your body develop. You feel everything change. Before you know it, you feel like you could run through a brick wall, take…

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