How to Get Absolutely Ripped With Two Evenings Per Week

Batch your meals like Essential Meal Delivery.

On Friday, I got home from the gym, and my phone was ringing.


“Hey Jason, it’s Chris.  I have extra tickets to the Raptors game tonight.  Want to come?”

“Ya man, that would be awesome.  See you in 45 minutes.”

In that 30 minutes, I had to eat, shower, and walk to the Air Canada Center.  I quickly opened up my fridge to find my standard Tupperware container –which usually holds pounds of meat for the week – empty.  I remembered thinking to myself, Why was I so lazy last night and why didn’t I make those 4 lbs of pork tenderloin like I said would.  You learn from your mistakes.

Long story short, I ended up making a couple egg and turkey bacon sandwiches, and arrived just in time for the game.  Thanks Chris.  You and Darra are awesome.

I Should Have Planned Ahead

Unless we are in jail, our lives are pretty spontaneous.  You never know when you’ll get a call from your friends to go out to an event, gathering, or even pond hockey (that’s pretty common in Canada*).  If you have most of your food prepared ahead of time, then you’re more likely to pick a healthy choice.

*This is also pretty popular in Canada:

Here’s a quick lesson in time management…

Batching.  Do all of your similar tasks back-to-back.  This will literally save you thousands of hours per year.  This means that you’ll be more likely to succeed, and maybe you’ll even get a degree in G.S.D. (Getting Shit Done).

Batch your nutrition, and you’ll be leaner, healthier, and sexier.  It’s really as easy as that.

Nutrition Batching 101

  • Keep a grocery list up-to-date throughout the week.
  • Pick two evenings per week (leave 3 evenings between these days) to do either grocery shopping and/or cooking.
  • On the first evening, go to the grocery store and buy everything that you need for the week.  When you get home, preheat the oven, unpack your groceries, and put enough meat in the oven to last you for the next 3-4 days.  While the meat is cooking, chop your vegetables and place them in a Tupperware container.  When the meat is finished cooking, let it cool, then place it all in a separate Tupperware container.  90% of your meals will be prepared for you until your second evening of Nutrition Batching this week.
  • On the second evening, cook some more meat to last you the rest of the week and chop any other vegetables as necessary.
  • Throughout the week, when you are due to eat, open up the fridge and put together a healthy meal consisting of your meats and veggies.

This is the real future of fast food.  If you make a habit out of this, you will look better, feel better, and save yourself tons of hours per week.  You’ll also save money because you won’t have to eat out so much.  It truly is a win-win situation.

After you finish reading this post, start your grocery list.  Seriously…  The sooner you start, the more time that you’ll save yourself, and the easier it will be to eat healthy.  Make this your newest habit in life, and after a month, it’ll feel like second nature.  It’s one of the best time investments I can think of.  The second best time investment is reading this blog.  You’re already half way there.