Best of the Best Part 6

how to build muscleNeed to catch up on some reading?  Make sure to check out all these articles/videos/images/books.  They are all fantastic.


Our Latest $75,000 Prize Winners – Precision Nutrition

PN always has some pretty great transformations.  Here are this years biggest badasses.
Meathead Media: Dec 4th Updates and Thoughts – Josh Hamilton

I had the pleasure of living with Josh over the summer.  Since then he’s put on like 15-20lbs of muscle.  I’ve been loving his diary of becoming an IFBB pro.  This is how he’s doing it.
Forming Habits, How I Do It, and Why I Hate New Year’s Resolutions –  JC Deen

Everyone should do this if they want to reach any goal.
5 Holiday Diet Tips That Don’t Suck – Nate Miyaki

Want to stay lean and ripped this holiday?  Of course you do.  Here’s how.
The Secret to Getting Jacked: Time Management – Jason Maxwell

This is the biggest secret to becoming absolutely freakin’ ripped.  It’s not a secret anymore.  Take control of your life on your terms.  I could have all the money in the world on my deathbed, but there’s one thing that won’t be left: time.



This is just sad…

how to build muscle


I read as much as possible.  It’s awesome.  Here are my two favourite books I’ve read this past month (hint: awesome Christmas gifts).  Book cover images are click-able.