The Truth About How to Get Ripped: Outcome-Based Decision Making

how to get rippedWe all love secrets.

You may remember telling your first one.  When I was 6 years old, I shared my most intimate secret to my friends on the school yard: my confession for my one true love.  At the moment that the secret left my lips, there was a rush of adrenaline shooting up my spine.

Weeks later, someone told me the greatest secret I had ever heard.  I’ll share it with you soon.

Until then, you’re about to learn an alternate secret: how to get ripped.

If there’s one secret that every single fitness professional isn’t sharing with you, it’s outcome-based decision making.  It may not sound charming, but it’s the most powerful secret in the fitness industry.

Like many people, you may be in the process of getting ripped for the summer.  This is an acceptable goal to have.  If you add in outcome-based decision making, you will inevitably get ripped for the summer.  It’s guaranteed.

What is outcome-based decision making?

It’s simple.  Keep doing what is giving you results.  If it’s not giving you results, then it’s time to adjust the program.

For example, in my coaching program, we do either monthly or biweekly measurements.  If you come to me wondering how to get ripped, then these measurements will consist of weight and bodyfat percentage.  From here, I will calculate how much fat you have lost and muscle you have gained since your last measurement.  If you are gaining muscle and/or losing fat (approaching your goal of getting ripped), then we won’t change much.  If you’re not approaching your goal, then we will adjust one thing in your diet or training and re-measure in a week or two.

In other words, outcome-based decision making is the process of constantly measuring your current progress (obtaining an outcome), then making decisions based on your current results and progress.

After all, if it’s not working, then there’s no point in doing the same thing over and over again.  You need to change it up.

With past clients, these changes have been as easy as:

  • Reduce carbs in your last meal of the day by 50g.
  • Add in a protein shake before bed.
  • Add in a weekly cheat meal on Saturday nights.

It’s the little adjustments which ultimately make the biggest changes.  If you’re looking to build muscle, lose fat, and get into the best shape of your life, then online coaching may be for you.  If you’re interested or would like more info, just send me a message on this page:

As for that secret I said I’d share with you?  It turns out my 6-year-old self’s one true love told one of my friends that she had a crush on me.  We may or may not have held hands.  You’ll never know.  It’s a secret.