Lean Eating Seminar

“A workshop or clinic is better than a workout.” Dan John.

I agree.

This past Sunday, I had the chance to attend the Precision Nutrition Lean Eating (LE) Seminar at Bang Fitness.  Lead by Krista Scott-Dixon (Lean Eating Coach), and Geoff Girvitz (The Fitness Genius of Bang Fitness), this seminar was not one to disappoint.  (What is Lean Eating?)

Scott-Dixon commences the seminar, “All of us live this”.  She was referring to the PN eating habits.  Eating properly is a lifestyle, and the PN coaches practice what they preach.  How can you help someone if you don’t know what they’re going through?

Krista Scott-Dixon

Cool, calm, and resilient, Scott-Dixon takes this one step further, “I even have a coach…my coach is Krista Schaus”.  The 20+ people in the room turn their heads to the rear of the room.  There sits Schaus: happy, and excited to be with so many like-minded people.  Scott-Dixon continues, “So far, I’ve lost a measly 5 lbs, but I’m not crazy anymore”.  It became apparent that LE isn’t just a diet program.  It is a way of changing your life.  You better yourself, and concurrently, better your eating habits.

Takeaways from the Seminar:

-The Three C’s

-Courage – This drives us.  It helps us make change within ourselves.

-Compassion – You need to have compassion for yourself.

-Continuum – If you do something better than last week, you have made progress.  For example: deadlifting one more rep than last week, or if you only have time to workout for 20 minutes, do it instead of skipping an entire workout.

-If you’re having trouble eating to 80% full, use a smaller plate.

-A Mind/Body scan is a way of checking in with your body.  Take 5 minutes each day to just sit there and listen to your body.  Check in with your body:  do I have migraines? Stomach pains?  Heartburn?

-If all you can think about during the Mind/Body scan is doing work, stop thinking about this.  Just get back to doing work in 5 minutes.  If you have time to go to the bathroom, you have time to do the Mind/Body Scan.

-LE will ruin junkfood for you.  You will not crave junkfood like you once did.  This is something that I noticed when I did my 10 Week Transformation.

-Hunger is not an emergency.  Don’t worry, you won’t die.  Just remember that you are in fat-burning mode.

-When working out, don’t hurt yourself, and don’t do stuff that hurts.

-Learning to move properly is an investment.  Once you increase your movement quality, you will be able to handle harder workouts in the future.

-Keep your chest up during the goblet squat.  (Chest up doesn’t mean “chin up” as well).

-Obtain mobility before loading.

-You never want your lumbar spine moving under load (butt wink).

Bad lumbar vs Good lumbar

-Don’t worry about what body part you’re working; it’s a terrible idea.  If the goal is to burn as many calories as possible, then isolation is not the answer.

-We do movement with our bodies, and we eat food.  Quit thinking of working out as isolating muscles, and quit thinking about eating in terms of carbs, fat, and protein.

-Working out manipulates hormones so your nutrients go to the right place (muscle repair instead of fat storage).

-Coaches learn from you too.

Krista Schaus...perfect squat.

My Number One Takeaway:

This is individual to me, but I figured it is worth sharing.   My number one takeaway is that in order to be a better coach, you need to help people change their lives for the better.  For example, fat loss is very tough mentally and emotionally.  Physically, it is a piece of cake.  6% of your time is spent in the weight room, the other 94% is life.  If you help someone to love their self, think positively, budget their time better, and be more confident, then helping them reach their fat loss goals is much easier, and much more rewarding.

In the end, this seminar wasn’t about learning how to eat properly, it was a way to better ourselves by expanding our social safety nets; thus helping us to make change.

Geoff Girvitz...and this is his strong arm!