The Wolverine Deadlift Program

hugh jackman wolverine workout deadliftIf you want to look like Wolverine, then you’re going to need to be strong.

Hugh Jackman proved this when he tweeted this picture:

hugh jackman wolverine deadlift program

For some reason, the internet n00bs talked trash about Hugh Jackman.  After all, everyone on the internet is 300lbs at 10% bodyfat and can deadlift 600lbs no problem.

Ya right.

Jackman looked awesome for his latest role in Wolverine.  He was lean, shredded, and his muscles looked very dense.  After tweeting the picture of him deadlifting between 415 and 465lbs (at 44 years old), the world stopped and realized, Shit, we should be deadlifting.

Damn straight.

Everything carries over to deadlifting; from strength, to posture, to back size.  It does it all.

In order to increase your deadlift strength, try out the program below.  Just a warning, you’ll be deadlifting five times per week.

How to Increase Your Deadlift like Hugh Jackman

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Test 1RM 2 sets of 5 with 67% of 1RM (from Monday) 3 sets of 3 with 72% of 1RM 6 sets of 1 with 80% of 1RM 5 sets of 2 with 76% of 1RM

The rules of this program are simple:

  1. Rest periods on Monday are 5 minutes.
  2. Rest periods on Tuesday-Friday are 1 minute.
  3. Do whatever else you like in the gym (this includes not doing anything besides deadlifting), just as long as you start with deadlifting, and don’t do any other deadlifting exercises (RDL, SLDL, etc).

You may look at the percentages in the chart above, and think to yourself, other than Monday, the weight used is very low.

You’re right.

It’s like that for a reason.

Monday is used to pull heavy weight while Tuesday-Friday is used to recover from Monday’s workout, but also to “grease the groove” and practice the lift.

After all, the more times you do something, the better you will get at it.  Deadlifting is no exception.

Also, when you get strong at deadlifting, it takes a lot out of you.  Thus, you will need a week to recover.

With that said, you will be testing your 1 rep max on the deadlift weekly.  This will be taxing.  For the rest of the week, the percentages used are based on your 1 rep max that you found on Monday.  If your 1 rep max goes up, you will be lifting heavier weights throughout the week.  Because you are deadlifting five times per week, you will be getting stronger.  When you get stronger, your 1RM goes up.

It’s a vicious cycle.

So vicious, that Wolverine would be proud.

We all know that if the bar ain’t bendin, then you’re just pretendin #xmen #daysoffuturepast.

Deadlifts and Getting Bigger Legs

Deadlifts are only OK at building leg size.

Believe it or not, the leg muscles don’t get a ton of stimulation from deadlifts, thus if you’re deadlifting in order to increase your leg size, it helps, but it’s not amazing.  The stretched position puts some tension on the hamstrings, and can help develop them.  On top of this, the deadlift increases strength in your legs and hips, so when you do the best exercises for building leg size, you will be able to use more weight.

Here’s how to get bigger legs:

#1 Exercise for Bigger Legs