motorway fat loss

Motorway Fat Loss: From Slow And Steady To Fast And Ready

Should you be dieting? Or working on practicing habits? Doing both? Or say ‘screw it, give me all the cake’? It’s confusing isn’t it? Knowing what to do to lose body fat, how much to do, and, most poignantly, when to do it. Fear not my little fat loss warrior, I’m going to take you…

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Supplements that Are Worth Your Money

6 Supplements That Are Worth Your Money

It’s Friday afternoon and you walk down the brightly lit shop aisle, purposely avoiding the gaze of the young shop attendant, past the packaged fruit and herbal teas and straight to the “Sports” section. “Just protein powder,” you say to yourself “I just came in for protein powder.” In your pursuit of health and a…

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low testosterone

The Damaging Effects Of Low Testosterone In Men

As men grow older, so do their testosterone levels. According to studies conducted by the American urology care foundation, 20% of men in their 60’s are likely to experience a drop in their t-levels. The number increases to 30% of men in their 70’s, and by the time these men clock 80, half of them…

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time under tension

Time Under Tension: A Battled-Tested Training Protocol

When it comes to building muscle, there are a lot of factors that come into play.   You have the basics: rep ranges, total sets, rest periods, technique and exercise choice. But, there is one variable that often gets neglected, if not forgotten about altogether.   The amount of time you actually spend lifting weights.…

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Donut Dieting: How To Use IIFYM To Eat Your Favorite Foods

Look, we live in a misunderstood world where some people think weights don’t need to be re-racked, crunches burn belly fat, legs don’t need to be trained, and that you must eat like a rabbit to get lean. If eating like a rabbit is the only way to getting lean, that just sounds cruel and…

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