the final piece of the physique puzzle guy sleeping

The Final Piece Of The Physique Puzzle

Building an amazing physique is similar to that of solving a jigsaw puzzle. There is a smart way to go about it. You start from the corners, build the sides and then work towards the center of the image. How is this similar to building a good physique? A beginner/novice also knows that to get…

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from no pack to six pack abs

From No-Pack To Six-Pack

Do you know what the best thing about having six-pack abs is? It’s kind of like having a superpower. Men and women alike will worship your body because you’ve achieved the impossible. You have what 99% of people will only dream about. Although it’s difficult to get exact numbers on this, some statistics I’ve seen…

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the recomposition diet how to build muscle and lose fat ripped guy salad

The Recomposition Diet: How To Build Muscle AND Lose Fat

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who want to look lean AF, and those who are lying to themselves. It may be vain, but honestly, there’s nothing wrong with desiring a killer physique. The first step is admitting it to yourself. The second step, actually achieving that physique, is a little…

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bro-science going against science to build muscle back flex

Bro-Science: Going Against Science To Build Muscle

Science is great and all, but it’s not always responsible for getting you jacked out of your mind. Too many people care too much about science, but building muscle isn’t always correlated with science. There are trainers that’ll tell you everything done has to be scientific or else you’re wasting your time. These trainers are…

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achieving an astonishing physique by training one key muscle

Achieve an Astonishing Aesthetic Physique by Training One KEY Muscle

Hey, you! Yes you, you sexy mofo. My God, your legs look amazing. Those are the kind of solid tree trunks that even Groot would pine over. And look at your back, it’s chiseled; you can see muscles you didn’t know you had before. But, bro, more important than all that, your chest is looking…

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