Results: A Case Study to Looking Awesome

how to lose fat, how to build muscleBody fat died today.  It might have been yours; it might have belonged to your best friend.  In my case, it was both.

This gets me kind of excited.

When you tell someone to make changes with their lifestyle in hopes of bigger and better things, there will undoubtedly be some bumps in the road.  Expect it.  Live with it.  For myself, there is always a jar of cashew butter standing between me and my body composition goals.  Living down the street from a gourmet cupcake shop with two girls who crave sweets on a monthly basis does not help either.

For some strange reason, it’s harder to say “no” to cashew butter than cupcakes, but I digress.

In the next few words and pictures, I am going to introduce you to some people getting awesome results.  Consider this your case study to looking awesome.

That Tyler Guy

Last month, I told my brother from another mother, Tyler, that he was going to be testing out my newest muscle building program, Decembulk (the best way to follow Movember).  The expression on his face could only be translated into one word:


Shit happens.  After giving him awesome answers for his objections, I got him on board.  I knew he’d kill it.  Tyler is one committed S.O.B.  So much, in fact, that he sweats it.

Besides working his butt off his whole life to get straight A’s, Tyler has always been devoted to soccer.  When Toronto FC first launched their soccer team, Tyler even went to try out for them.  He and his brothers built a life-sized soccer net out of wood and tarp in their backyard.  Tyler practiced every day for hours on end.  While he didn’t make TFC, he still made it passed the first round of cuts and got to play along some up and coming soccer stars.

Back to Tyler’s results for Decembulk.

In the end, Tyler gained 11.9lbs of muscle and lost 16.5lbs of fat.  That’s all in just one month. These are dirty results.

how to build muscle, how to lose fat

how to build muscle, how to lose fat

how to build muscle, how to lose fat

Check out what he had to say about it on his blog:

That Stephanie Girl

Stephanie is married to my fitness mentor, Geoff Girvitz.

Before her wedding, Geoff and I were helping Steph get into the best shape of her life.  Geoff handled training and fiancé support, while I handled nutrition.

Weddings are stressful events; especially when it’s your own.  That meant I could only give Steph some tiny lifestyle changes.  She already had a lot on her plate.  Over the course of 2 months she cut out all carbohydrates (unless they were post workout), she upped her fish oil intake, and she started taking magnesium daily to help handle the pre-wedding stress.

Oh, and she had the occasional cupcake here and there.

She killed it and looked absolutely awesome.

how to lose fat

Since these pictures were taken, Steph has continued to maintain her excellent physique without my help.  She obtained awesome results, and kept them.

That Cassie Girl

This morning, I was lying in bed feeling like a lazy sloth, and Cassie was getting ready to start her day.  She pulled up her shirt to show me her stomach, “I feel like I’m getting skinnier”.

I looked up.  She was right.

Here’s what’s strange to me.  Last night, we went out to a few parties for Halloween.  We both drank, and we both feasted on Halloween goodies (I’m a sucker for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).

Usually, the morning after such an event you will feel like a fat slob.  Not her.  She looked awesome.

A week ago, we were discussing some small changes she could easily incorporate into her lifestyle.  The end goal is to get some solid female abs.

Our conclusion? Cassie was to start adding in 5 minutes of bike sprint intervals at the end of her weight training sessions.  She has since killed the intervals, and the intervals have come back from the grave and murdered her belly fat.

That Scotty Guy

Scott is Tyler’s roommate.  He tested out Decembulk too.  For one month, Scott and Tyler were attached at the hip.  They trained together.  They ate together.  They complained together.  They did great together.

Unlike Tyler, Scott was a gym buff before starting Decembulk.  He had a solid background in the weight room, and he was already one strong dude with a good amount of muscle on his bones.

In the end, he gained 8.2lbs of muscle and lost 9.2lbs of fat in one freakin’ month.

how to build muscle, how to lose fat

He texted me last night and told me he’s starting a 2nd round of Decembulk on Monday.  Good luck Dude.  You’re going to kill it.

Summing It Up

Tyler and Scott implemented huge changes in their lives and were rewarded.

Cassie and Stephanie implemented small changes in their lives, and were rewarded.

In the end, both parties obtained fantastic results, and now look hotter.

Commitment is a dirty thing.  It wraps its fingers around your throat and squeezes tighter every second.  The friction will burn and the compression will ache.  Fight the suffering.  Your results will make Commitment your bitch.

Your results will make Commitment your bitch. – Tweet this quote

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