Chesticle Erection: How to Build Your Chest

how to build your chest“Suppose Nancy sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me.

I’m looking good, got a luscious V of hair going through my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me and goes, ” Oh my god, I’ve had the old bull now I want the young calf” and she grabs me by the…” – Dale Doback in Step Brothers

Building a big chest is all about illusions.  For instance, if you want your chest to look great, then you will need to shave your chest pubes.

Dale Doback had this wrong.  Nancy totally could have jumped him if the luscious V was a luscious smooth chest.  No chest pubes.  Ball fro optional.

There are two more components to making your chest look instantly bigger, and making your upper body look instantly wider.  This will give you a killer V-taper that looks aesthetically pleasing.  On top of this, you will build your chest to look bigger.

The Sun and Shadows Are Your Friend

When you take your shirt off at the beach, the sun hits your body from above.  This casts a shadow under your muscles.  This is good news for your chest.

Most guys think their chest will pop out by developing the lower pec.  This is dead wrong.  All this does is make your strong chest look like saggy boobs.  The real key is to develop the upper chest (the shelf) and the outer portions.  Developing these will cast a shadow on your body that makes your chest appear to have added significant size.  On top of this, the outer portion gives the V-taper look.

For instance, if you have seen the new Man of Steel movie with Henry Cavill, you will notice that Henry’s chest looks big, but it also has a funny look to it.  His pecs look like they are dropping a bit.  This is because he didn’t focus on developing his upper and outer chest portions.  Now, compare this to Frank Zane, whose chest looks a lot wider and fuller.  In reality, Cavill’s chest probably has more muscle, even though Frank Zane’s looks bigger and much more pleasing.

How to Build Your Chest

How to Build the Upper Chest

The trickiest part to developing the upper chest is to learn how to contract the muscles.  Here are some tips:

  • Slightly shrug (very slight).
  • Pull your shoulders back to stick your chest out.
  • Use an incline bench, never flat.
  • If using a barbell for bench pressing, squeeze the bar and push your hands towards each other.

How to Build the Outer Chest

Once you know how to contract your upper chest, building the outer chest is a breeze.  Here is the sugar on top:

  • On every chest exercise, never allow your hands to be closer than shoulder width apart.  This means bench pressing with a wider grip.  The same thing can be accomplished when using dumbbells.  By keeping them outside of your shoulders, there is always tension on the chest muscles.  Muscular tension directly impacts the rate of growth.

A Sample Chest Workout

Here’s the real meat and potatoes of the article.  Use the advice above with this program, and you will build your chest to look incredible.

1: Incline DB Press (45 deg incline; keep hands wider than shoulders) Week 1: 2 sets
Week 2: 3
Week 3: 4
Week 4: 2 + double dropset on last set
12-15 reps 60 seconds rest 3010 tempo
2: Low Incline Barbell Press (wider grip) Week 1: 2
Week 2: 3
Week 3: 4
Week 4: 2 + double dropset on last set
6-8 60 50X0
3: High Incline DB Flyes (over 60 deg incline) Week 1: 2
Week 2: 3
Week 3: 4
Week 4: 2 + double dropset on last set
15-20 60 2010

Wrapping Up

A real man forges his chest via chesticle erection.  It takes hard work which focuses on feeling the muscles working, and building the illusion of a bigger chest via developing the upper and outer chest muscles.  Try out the workout above for a month, and watch your chest get bigger.  Taking your shirt off at the beach is optional, but encouraged.