6 Amazing Hacks for Being Amazing

the blog of Jason MaxwellYou’re about to learn some infinite wisdom from a very smart Dude named, Jason Maxwell.  If you’re not familiar with life-hacking, then you’re about to get your mind blown.  Basically, life-hacking is like using secret tricks to get big results.  Sometimes the results are money.  Other times it’s happiness or uber-fitness.  Either way, it’s usually amazing.

Here are 6 amazing tricks I’ve discovered throughout my life that’ll help you be more amazing (and I have a feeling you’re already pretty amazing).

The Meat Thermometer Trick

Everyone should own a meat thermometer.  I use this baby to determine the temperature of everything: meat (duh), my apartment, outside, and bath water.  Lately, I’ve been taking cold baths before bed in order to fall asleep faster (this works very well).

Here’s a funny story for you.  I was taking a cold bath a few weeks ago.  My lips were blue and my teeth were chattering like a ticking time bomb.  I could have sworn it was at least 5 degrees Celsius in there.  Through my chattering teeth, I yelled to my girlfriend to bring me my meat thermometer.  She brought it in and it was freakin’ 20 degrees Celcius.  I felt like a total noob.

If you’re using a meat thermometer for its intended use, here’s the best way to use it.  Take out your meat when it’s 10 degrees under its desired cooking temperature.  For example, chicken should be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, so take out your chicken when your meat thermometer reads 150.  The chicken will continue to heat up (thanks to thermal momentum) to 160.

It’s like magic.

A Cure for Elbow Pain

If you’re the type of person who gets elbow pain from triceps isolation exercises, then this trick may be for you.  Invest in some Fat Gripz.  The larger handle forces you to squeeze harder and helps stabilize your elbow joint and keeps tension in your muscles and tendons.

On the plus side, you may build forearms like Matthias Schlitte’s.

The Blog of Jason Maxwell

Matthias looks a bit like Popeye.

The Cuddle Trick (Thank You Ross)

I learned this one from Ross from the TV show, Friends.  I can’t really sleep and cuddle my girlfriend at the same time.  It gets too hot and I can’t sleep in my perfect JMax Sleeping Position.

The Blog of Jason Maxwell

JMax Sleeping Position - Courtesy of Tim Ferriss

On top of this, my girlfriend can’t sleep unless she is being held.

Enter the cuddle trick.  Turn the lights out and cuddle your girlfriend until she falls asleep.  If she’s anything like my girlfriend, she’ll be out in like 5 minutes.  After she’s out, slowly pull yourself away from her and get into the JMax Sleeping Position.

When your alarm sounds in the morning, turn it off quick and go back to cuddling your girlfriend.  If all goes smoothly, she’ll think you never left.

If all goes smoothly, she’ll think you never left. – Click to Tweet

60% of the time, this works every time.

Buy Shit Tons of Meat (Always)

…Because you can never have enough protein.  Last summer I ordered 35lbs of grassfed meat to my door, monthly.  Contact your local farmer and you too can have enough protein.

how to build muscle

35lbs of meat. Sausage fest?

Read Fiction Before Bed

Two years ago I was given a Sony eReader and my sleep has improved immensely.  There’s just something about reading fiction before bed.  Your mind starts to visualize all the characters, and it’s kind of like you’re warming up your brain to start dreaming.

Non-fiction doesn’t seem to work.  I always get too damn excited when learning about fitness, health, and all that jazz.

Lately, I’ve been reading the Inheritance books, and they’re ballin’.  If you hate reading, I’d recommend a real page-turner, like the Hunger Games or anything by Dan Brown.  If you like less juvenile stuff, you can’t go wrong with Tolkien or Bukowski.

Play With Babies as Much as Possible

I have a theory that babies are capable of bringing you infinite happiness.  If you want to feel true happiness, go find a baby to play with.  Luckily, my sister has a very cute one.  As a bonus, when you play with a baby, you’re usually rolling and crawling around on the floor.  A lot of people don’t realize how good rolling and crawling is for the human body.  If you sit around moping all day, playing with a baby may be for you.

Wrapping Up

These six tricks are purposely intended to make your life better.  If even just one of these has helped you, then I would say that I have accomplished my goal.

What have you found to make your life better?  Share your love and let me know in the comments below.