6 Day Mass Blast

how to build muscleA huge snow storm hit Toronto on Friday.  Half the city was closed down, so I was stuck in my apartment on floor 14 to see it all unfold below and above me.  The trains were moving as slow as molasses.  Other than that, everything else was just white.

At this point, I had to make a decision.  One that will affect you for years to come.  I wrote a new book just for you.  Since it’s just for you, you’re going to get it for free.

how to build muscle

We may have had a bit more snow than this.

That’s right.

For a grand total of 0 dollars and 0 cents, you can download my new book, 6 Day Mass Blast.  Not now though.  Keep your eyes peeled for a special gift on Valentine’s Day.

I know, I know.  I love you too.

You should be very excited about this since it’s the ultimate short term, huge results program.  I know I’m excited.  So excited, in fact, that you’ll find a page from the book below.  Enjoy.

Page 9 from 6 Day Mass Blast

You’re about to embark on a journey of epic proportions.  So epic, in fact, that it will rival some of history’s greatest epic fantasies.  Picture this: Princess Leah and Bilbo Baggins hooking up at a party and having a kid together.  The kid is then trained to be a Jedi-Hobbit in the Shire, and goes on an epic journey from Mordor all the way to Hoth…

Yes.  Your journey will be much more epic.

The main reason for this is because you’re going to be much more ripped than this Jedi-Hobbit, and there are no beaches in the Shire.  You might as well do this program.  It’s only six days.

Six days of absolute ball busting.

The Fastest Way to Build Muscle

The fastest way to build muscle is to workout twice a day.  Yes, you will be overtrained.  This is the purpose.  After this six day mass blast, do absolutely no exercise the following six days.  Your body will rebound and build your muscles bigger and stronger.  This six day rest period is absolutely crucial.  You will literally build 6x the muscle in 6 days.  This is badass.

How to Succeed

Basically, read this manual back to front.  Do not miss a workout.  Eat what I say in the nutrition chapter, and take the supplements I recommend.

Let me reiterate one thing: do this workout for six days straight, and then do no training for the next six days.  You can alternate six days on then six days off for a total of 4 cycles.  I’m warning you: you’re going to build a crap load of muscle.


EPIC.  I know.  Keep your eyes peeled on Valentine’s Day to learn:

  • How to build 6x more muscle than you’ve built in the past 6 weeks…in only 6 days.
  • The optimal way to train in order to build muscle as fast as humanly possible.
  • The proper way to eat in order to build muscle without getting fat.
  • The exact number of carbs, protein, and fat to eat.
  • The best supplements to take in order to build mass fast.
  • Plus a completely done-for-you workout program, and much more…