Top 40 Fitness Professionals That Will Make a HUGE Impact in 2013

top 40 fitness professionalsYes, this is now an annual list…and for good reason.

While the internet has an overabundance of fitness information, not all of it is of good quality.  The purpose of this list is to provide you with two specific pieces of information:

  1. The people whose blogs you should be reading (if they have them).  You should also be following them on Facebook and Twitter.  They are providing the top information to keep you healthy, sexy, and strong.
  2. My predictions for who will help the most people; inevitably making a huge impact in 2013.  Every single person in this Top 40 list is a stud in the fitness world.  The professionals at the top of the list are predicted to make a slightly larger impact than those near the bottom.

Let’s get to the list, shall we?

top 40 fitness professionals1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

He’s back.  Now that he’s stepped down as Governor, he has returned as the fit, healthy, Arnold we know from the past.  Arnold recently launched his new website, and it has a section dedicated solely to fitness.  In the past he has opened up the world’s eyes to how fitness can contribute to your success.  In the future, he will continue to spread the word, with the help of his voice, power, and fitness peers.

top 40 fitness professionals2. The Precision Nutrition Team

The PN team is literally a dream team composing of fitness leaders such as John Berardi, Nate Green, and Krista Scott-Dixon.  Besides these figures, PN has the help of Doctors Spencer Nadolsky, and Bryan Walsh, as well as some pretty amazing coaches.  PN provides life-changing, researchdriven nutrition coaching for everyone.  They literally transform thousands of people’s bodies and lives every year.

top 40 fitness professionals3. Girls Gone Strong

They’re hot.  They’re strong.  They teach this to other girls; ultimately producing hotter and stronger girls.  This is good news.  GGS comprises of Alli McKee, Molly Galbraith, and Neghar Fonooni.  While each of these girls separately belongs in the top 20, together they belong in the top 3.  In 2013, GGS is planning to spread the word to tens of thousands of ladies that strong is sexy.

top 40 fitness professionals4. John Romaniello

Just recently signing a million dollar book deal (with co-author Adam Bornstein), he is slowly expanding his Roman Empire.  Here’s something you didn’t know about him: he wrote a chest workout for one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s employees, and it turns out that Arnold also performed the workout.  So, technically, Roman has written a chest workout for the man with the greatest chest development in human history.

top 40 fitness professionals5. Pavel Tsatsouline

Do you use kettlebells?  You can thank Pavel for that.  Along with the company Dragondoor, he popularized them in America through his fantastic teachings.  Since then, he has recently split with Dragondoor to start his own company, StrongFirst.  Their mission is to quickly and safely teach you how to reach high levels of strength – without interfering with your duty, job, or sport.  Watch out for Pavel and StrongFirst in 2013.

top 40 fitness professionals6. Joe Dowdell

Founder and CEO of the largest one-on-one fitness facility in New York, Joe is one of the coolest fitness experts in the biz.  He’s trained elite athletes including the Vitor Shaolin Mixed Martial Arts Team, Olympian Tim Morehouse, and has teamed up with 50 Cent to write Formula 50: A 6-Week Workout and Nutrition Plan That Will Transform Your Life.  This will be Joe’s biggest book, and make Joe Dowdell a household name in 2013.

top 40 fitness professionals7. Alwyn and Rachel Cosgrove

The name of their business says it all.  Results Fitness.  The Cosgroves are a power couple.  In 2013, they are both having books published that will be on all the best seller lists.  Alwyn has The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged, while Rachel is releasing Drop Two Sizes.  When they’re not writing best selling books, they’re teaching other coaches and personal trainers via their course Results Fitness University.

top 40 fitness professionals8. John Kiefer

“Kiefer” is the founder of the single biggest nutrition breakthrough of the past 5 years: Carb Backloading.  A former physicist, Kiefer is teaching the lifting world to desensitize your fat cells to insulin so you can eat cherry turnovers and without getting fat.  2013 is going to be the year for Kiefer.  Keep an eye out for Carb Backloading and Carbnite, as well as how he uses nicotine for fat loss.

top 40 fitness professionals9. Dan John

Dan John is fitness’ best kept secret.  He is the only fitness professional in the world who will write an article that both the average person and other fitness professionals can read, understand, and relate to.  His simplification of the weight room is from his wisdom in the trenches.  With the release of his new book, Intervention, Coach Dan John will teach everyone in 2013 how to get from Point A to Point B with finesse.

top 40 fitness professionals10. Vince Del Monte & Ben Pakulski

What do you get when you cross a WBFF Pro fitness model with one of the top 10 bodybuilders in the world?  You get a ton of muscle.  These two have teamed up to provide the most cutting edge hypertrophy information on the internet, and have called it Hypertrophy Max.  To rub lactate in the wound, they have teamed up with Early to Rise to provide a $25,000 transformation contest in 2013.

top 40 fitness professionals11. Jon Goodman

What’s good, Man?  Last year, I predicted that Jon would do big things.  This year is no exception.  The PTDC has already helped thousands of trainers better their craft and kick ass in the fitness field.  Jon’s theories on how to help trainers and clients via social media is what sets him apart from all the rest.  In 2013, the PTDC will continue to grow, as well as Jon’s new site, Fitness Ebook Review.

top 40 fitness pro12. Smitty & Defranco

Tied for 12th place, Smitty and Joe are killing it in the fitness industry.  They are known for training the top professional athletes, and now, the top trainers – thanks to their CPPS Certification.  In 2013, this certification will become one of the most respected ones in the fitness industry, and Smitty and Joe will continue to produce a new breed of athletes and trainers.

top 40 fitness pro13. Craig Ballantyne

AKA “The Godfather”, Craig Ballantyne has made it his goal to transform a million people’s lives.  By offering incredible incentives via Turbulence Training and Early to Rise ($100,000 WTF?!) he is literally forcing people to take massive action, and providing them with accountability via TT and ETR.  Watch out for “The Godfather” in 2013.  He just may have a role in transforming your life as well.

14. Jason Ferruggia

Jay Ferruggia completely revolutionized muscle building for skinny guys.  On top of that, Jay’s Renegade Diet is one of the most simple to follow nutrition protocols dedicated to health, performance, and body composition.  Not many diets can vouch for that.  2013 will be an exciting year for Jay.  I’m predicting that he’ll start opening Renegade Strength and Conditioning Facilities across North America.

top 40 fitness professionals15. Ben Bruno

Besides being the strongest man in Massachusetts (don’t quote me on that one), Ben is the new face of T-Nation.  On top of this, Ben literally dictates what articles are popular in fitness with his Good Reads for the Week.  Recently, Ben has been selected as John Romaniello’s right-hand-man, yet he had to turn down the offer.  Either way, in 2013, Ben will have a HUGE impact in fitness.

top 40 fitness pro16. Nick Tumminello

If you’ve ever talked to Nick, you have probably taken everything you thought you knew about fitness and threw it out the window.  He seems to have that effect on people.  He has a funny way of verbally slapping us all across the face and telling us to smarten up.  Read anything he’s written on the core, single leg work, mobility, or functional training, and you’ll agree.  Prepare to be slapped in 2013 as well.

top 40 fitness professionals17. Tony Gentilcore

Tony is a tall, strong, and smart dude.  And I mean really smart.  For years, he’s been helping people get into the best shape of their lives, and athletes rip up their sports.  In 2013, he’s planning on teaching his craft to others via speaking, his own product (which is more anticipated than the end of the Mayan Calendar), and deadlift 600.  All of these are awesome, and Tony is sure to impress.

top 40 fitness pro18. JC Deen

Last year, JC wasn’t even included in this top 40 list.  That was a mistake.  Since then, JC’s fantastic advice has appeared in all the major fitness publications.  He also released a killer fitness resource called LGN365 (LGN stands for “Look Great Naked”).  JC is known for giving incredible fitness advice that is dirt simple to follow.  2013 will be his biggest year yet as he plans to take over the world, one body at a time.

top 40 fitness pro19. Dan Trink

Yes, his arms are huge.  Yes, he is Dr. Manhattan.  Over the past year, Dan has taken his skills from being the director of programming at Peak Performance NYC and completely dominated the fitness industry.  He is involved in all the major fitness publications, and truly cares for everyone; wanting them to reach their goals.  Watch out for Dan’s 2 Tickets to the Gun Show in January.

top 40 fitness pro20. Flavia Del Monte

If you know Flavia, you know that she is all about getting girls into the best shape of their lives by lifting weights, building muscle in all the right places, and eating good quality foods.  She is the master of female aesthetics.  2012 was a huge year for Flavia, and she has continued to help girls get into incredible shape via her high quality workout DVD’s and expert nutrition advice.

top 40 fitness pro21. Nick Mitchell

Nick is the owner and operator of Ultimate Performance, the #1 gym in the U.K. (if not all of Europe).  The past few years, Nick has become famous for being a transformation specialist.  Just one look at Joe Warner is proof of this.  Also, future Mr. Olympia, Ben Pakulski will be travelling overseas to train with him.  With the release of his new book Men’s Fitness 12 Week Body Plan, 2013 will be a fantastic year for Nick.

22. Eric Cressey

To put it bluntly, Eric knows how to get you super strong, pain-free, and transform you into an ultimate badass.  On top of that, Eric’s information on shoulder health is the best in the business; and professional baseball stars are taking notice.  Everyone Eric trains is a stud, and every trainer that he mentors through the Cressey Performance Internship is equally as fantastic.  2013 will be no exception for Eric.

top 40 fitness pro23. Bret Contreras

“Nice bum, where’d ya get that from?”  The answer to this question is always, “Bret Contreras”.  Obviously, the founder of the hip thrust will have a place on the Top 40 Fitness Pros list, but recently, Bret has a new claim to fame.  Teaming up with Chris Beardsley to create Strength and Conditioning Research, Bret is now able to present the latest research in a simple, easy, read.  This is a game changer in the fitness industry.

top 40 fitness pro24. Anthony Mychal

Anthony is the most unique fitness professional in the business.  Not only is he all about lifting heavy ass weights, but he loves Tricking (click here for a video), rehabbing knee pain, and helping lanky skinny-fat dudes to get jacked.  On top of this, Anthony provides killer recipes on his site.  In 2013, Anthony will emerge as the go-to fitness professional for anything related to Tricking.

top 40 fitness pro25. Robb Wolf

If you lift weights and want to eat Paleo, then Robb is your man.  Through Robb’s 30 Day Paleo Challange, people all over the globe are shedding fat, building muscle, optimizing digestion, reducing stress, and feeling amazing.  Every day, millions of people suffer from digestion issues and pain, and thanks to Robb, we now have a cure.  In 2013, expect Robb show how to use a combination of Carb Backloading and Paleo.

top 40 fitness pro26. Brad Schoenfeld

Brad is the hypertrophy specialist.  With the release of his newest book, The Max Muscle Plan, Brad is finally providing the world with a scientific approach to building muscle.  On top of this, Brad is an avid researcher, with the majority of his recent published papers being on the topic of hypertrophy.  Watch out for more research in 2013 from Brad on hypertrophy with the best methods for building muscle.

top 40 fitness professionals27. Dave Tate

If you’ve ever used any training equipment from EliteFTS, then you have Dave Tate to thank for this.  It has been Dave’s mission to provide top of the line equipment that he, himself loves to use.  On top of this, Dave allows the top trainers to write for his site, providing people all over the world with cutting-edge training information.  In 2013, expect Dave to help thousands of people to get bigger and stronger.

top 40 fitness pro28. Mike Robertson

If you want to get strong as hell with absolutely no pain, then Mike is your guy.  He is incredibly respected by everyone on this list, and for good reason: his applied knowledge is gold.  He is the co-owner of I-FAST in Indianapolis; where a wide range of professional athletes to your everyday average Joes go to get into the best shape and performance of their lives.

top 40 fitness pro29. Zach Even-Esh

What do you get when you combine 23 years of lifting experience with a hardcore training theory (Jersey style)?  You get Zach Even-Esh.  Zach is one of the most sought after fitness professionals when it comes to hardcore strength training to build muscle and become an ultimate badass.  In 2013, watch out for the growing popularity of Zach’s Underground Strength Coach Certification.

Top 40 fitness professionals30. Brad Pilon

Brad has started a legacy by being one of the founding fathers of Intermittent Fasting.  Eat-Stop-Eat is an everyday household name in the weightloss world, and it’s all thanks to Brad.  On top of this, Brad is an avid researcher and experimenter, and is always looking for better ways to getting fit.  In 2013, expect Brad to break into the Women’s Fitness market and teach the ladies how to get fit and sexy.

top 40 fitness pro31. Travis Stoetzel

Travis is the face of “aggressive strength training” and continuously shows us how to go 100% H.A.M.  His unique approach to training which combines heavy strength training, explosive power development, and strongman-like conditioning is super fun, and more importantly, super effective.  On top of this, his combination of Paleo and intermittent fasting is superb, which, you too, can adopt in 2013.

top 40 fitness pro32. Mark Young

Mark Young is back; better than ever.  The past few years, Mark has been quiet while perfecting his coaching, and getting clients into the best shapes of their lives.  Finally, he’s come out of hibernation and is ready to teach the top fitness professionals how to become a better coach, as well as lead the average Joe to an incredible transformation.  Make sure you follow him in 2013.

top 40 fitness pro33. Dan Go

What’s up my ninja?!  Yes, this the tagline of Dan Go – The Fat Loss Ninja.  The past year, Dan has expanded his Go Girl Bootcamps, and is a complete expert when it comes to getting women to fit into their skinny jeans.  In addition, Dan is well known for being an advocate of intermittent fasting.  In 2013, check out all of Dan’s Youtube videos, he has a face for television and this is where he is predicted to be most popular.

34. Michael Boyle

Coach Boyle is the coach’s coach.  Every single person on this top 40 list looks up to him, learns from him, and some way considers him a mentor.  Coach Boyle’s impact in 2013 will be indirectly to the public via his students.  Also, this past year, he was the strength and conditioning consultant of the Boston Red Sox.  Watch 2013 be their best year yet, and follow Coach Boyle this year if you want to learn fitness.

top 40 fitness pro35. Charles Poliquin

Coach Poliquin has been making a huge impact on the fitness industry for the past 2 decades.  This year is no exception.  In 2012, his PICP certification blew up in Australia, North America, and the UK.  In 2013, his certification will increase in popularity and be as respected as other organization such as the NSCA, ACSM, NASM etc.  Additionally, Charles stays on top of current research, and is always perfecting his craft.

top 40 fitness pro36. Rob Sulaver

Rob is the one and only training master from Bandana Training.  Last year, we were introduced to Rob thanks to the Men’s Fitness Transformassacre II.  Now, he’s one of the funniest, most helpful people you could add on Facebook, and it’s hard to find a fitness magazine without his name in it.  There’s no stopping there.  Being one of the all-star trainers at Peak Performance, Rob is going to change many lives in 2013.

top 40 fitness pro37. Jon-Erik Kawamoto

Jon is one of the few fitness professionals who writes about long distance running and cycling, yet gives the advice these athletes need to hear.  Last year was an incredible year for him as well.  He broke out into the fitness industry by getting his name in all the major fitness magazines.  After finishing his Masters of Human Kinetics this year, he will have more time to become an authority of fitness in 2013.

top 40 fitness pro38. Josh Hamilton

In the past 6 months, Josh has moved across Canada from BC to Toronto, started a personal training career, launched a kickass blog, and was hired as an intern by John Romaniello.  And he only just turned 19.  Aside from learning the ropes from Roman, Josh is building a killer physique and aspires to be one of the youngest IFBB Pros ever.  In 2013, his blog will explode with rare interviews, and diaries of becoming an IFBB pro.

top 40 fitness pro39. Geoff Girvitz

Geoff is a fitness genius.  He just recently launched his blog, meaning that more people have access to his knowledge bombs left, right, and center.  In addition to this, Geoff has expanded Bang Fitness, doubling the size of the facility.  His specialty is group training.  With the extra size in the gym, this means Geoff will be able to help larger groups of people.  If you want to learn about group fitness, then follow Geoff in 2013.

top 40 fitness professionals40. Jason Maxwell

Closing the Top 40 List is yours truly.  This past year, I’ve been published across many major fitness websites, self published The Fast Fat Revolution, Decembulk, and The 21 Day Body Recomp, and helped people all over the world via this website.  This year, I plan to provide even better content, funnier stories, and kickass videos via my blog, Facebook, and other fitness publications.

top 40 fitness proHonourable Mention:

While not exactly a fitness professional, is a killer fitness website.  Have you ever wondered if a supplement is worth it, but wanted more research on it? has done it for you.  It’s seriously like the Wikipedia of supplements.  No bro-science here.  Only properly cited facts.  Use this site in 2013 to learn about every supplement you consider taking.


Do You Agree With This Top 40 List For 2013?