How To Recover After An Intense Workout

The recovery process is as crucial to the effectiveness of your exercise as the actual workout can be. Even with an intense and lengthy workout, it can all be for nothing if everything else you do is wrong. An exercise routine needs proper rest, nutrition, and care for your body or you are only accomplishing…

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how to lose fat while getting stronger bench press

How To Lose Fat While Getting Stronger

It’s not hard to lose fat. But losing fat while maintaining strength and muscle? Now that’s trickier – but not impossible. I get it. You spent a little too much time in bulking mode. Had a few too many cheeseburgers. Now that beach bod you used to rock is looking more like a dad bod,…

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the fix for skinny later raise

The Skinny Guy Fix

Now, the issue of building a very attractive physique has been trending over the years. The world has been emphasizing on that moderately shredded and toned body that will bring out the amazing shape that everyone craves. So, being fat is abhorred in almost all corners, while being skinny is also not complimented. Many people…

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the skinny guy's guide to bigger calves calf raise

The Skinny Guy’s Guide To Bigger Calves

Nothing is more frustrating than noticing that even the most out of shape guys still have bigger thigh muscles than you. Unfortunately, the calf muscles are one of the hardest areas to build, especially when you are a skinny guy who isn’t getting a workout just carrying around your own bodyweight. If you constantly worry…

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4 exercises standing the test of time lat pulldown

4 Exercises Standing The Test Of Time

Walk into any gym, anywhere in the world and you’ll likely spot the exercise of the month. They attack like bouts of the flu in the middle of winter – once someone brings it home, everyone’s doomed to get it. It starts when one unsuspecting soul stumbles across a new exercise in their travels, decides…

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