does crossfit get you jacked

Does CrossFit Get You Jacked?

Full disclaimer: I used to laugh at Crossfit. Then I started training at Aspen Crossfit. Now, I don’t know if it was the impact of the nearly 9000 ft elevation on my lungs after having lived at sea level for a year (I’m a Denver native), but mid-way through my first WOD in Aspen, I…

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the best tool for bigger muscles deadlift

The Best Tool For Bigger Muscles

Is it just me, or have you noticed a bunch of new equipment in your gym, too? Heavier kettlebells, more machines, different sizes of medicine balls… If used correctly, I’m sure each piece would have an important role in an effective training program. But let’s not get distracted by shiny object syndrome. Let’s pretend, for…

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can you build muscle on keto

Can Build Muscle On The Keto Diet?

Pro bodybuilders like Robert Sikes and expert coaches like Menno Henselmans use and even recommend keto for bodybuilding. These guys, however, are a rare few to took the leap and give up carbs almost entirely. Most of their peers would actually consider going low-carb counterintuitive. Unfortunately, they may be missing out on some major keto…

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How To Build Muscle When You Reach 30

There’s no denying that when you reach the age of 30, things become different. You tend to be more focused on pursuing your career, taking care of your family, or even slacking off rather than strengthening your body and keeping your health at an optimum. Some may have been the most envied body back when…

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cardio or interval training ropes

Cardio Or Interval Training?

I see that you’re trying to get your life back on the healthy track – which is why you’ve chosen to take some time off of your day to read this article. Welcome, today I’ll help you understand and find out what fits you better – steady-state cardio or intensive training. What are steady-state cardio…

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