How To Use The Winner Effect To Increase Testosterone And Build More Muscle

Being a guy, it’s in your nature to be a little on the competitive side. You always have to be the best whether you’re at work grinding for a promotion, playing your friends in a “friendly” game of corn hole at a barbeque, or dominating your local beer league softball game. Let’s be honest, if…

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say goodbye to chicken legs forever

Say Goodbye to Chicken Legs Forever

NOBODY wants to be referred to as the chicken leg dude. If you want to stop wearing sweat pants to the gym and playing that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ game, then read on. One of the most noticeable errors in the gym is the chicken leg physique. These individuals are easy to spot…

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does crossfit get you jacked

Does CrossFit Get You Jacked?

Full disclaimer: I used to laugh at Crossfit. Then I started training at Aspen Crossfit. Now, I don’t know if it was the impact of the nearly 9000 ft elevation on my lungs after having lived at sea level for a year (I’m a Denver native), but mid-way through my first WOD in Aspen, I…

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the best tool for bigger muscles deadlift

The Best Tool For Bigger Muscles

Is it just me, or have you noticed a bunch of new equipment in your gym, too? Heavier kettlebells, more machines, different sizes of medicine balls… If used correctly, I’m sure each piece would have an important role in an effective training program. But let’s not get distracted by shiny object syndrome. Let’s pretend, for…

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can you build muscle on keto

Can Build Muscle On The Keto Diet?

Pro bodybuilders like Robert Sikes and expert coaches like Menno Henselmans use and even recommend keto for bodybuilding. These guys, however, are a rare few to took the leap and give up carbs almost entirely. Most of their peers would actually consider going low-carb counterintuitive. Unfortunately, they may be missing out on some major keto…

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