training too hard

7 Signs You’re Training Too Hard

When discussing exercise or nutrition, many people talk about how to improve focus or boost performance. But, a lot less is said on when you should stop, or reduce training volume. The high emphasis on work ethic means we can miss when an athlete is working too hard.   This is a problem because excessive…

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how to track macros

How to Track Macros

Tracking macros can be a daunting task.   When I first started tracking, there wasn’t any such thing as phone apps. Every time I ate something, I would have to look up the ingredients, measure (or estimate) the food amounts, calculate the macros in each food and then log this all in an excel sheet…

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bigger arms in less time

Why Wait When You Can Weight: Bigger Arms in Less Time

I’m going to get your arms bigger, faster.   But first, a story.   My cellphone’s touchscreen is dead.   Now I’m waiting at the Apple Store, which I’m sure is one of Dante’s Circles of Hell. First, it’s 45 minutes to see someone. Then, it’s another hour for them to complete the repair, which…

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ketogenic diet

Something, Something, Something, Ketogenic Diet

Social media posts about pissing on Keto Sticks, mainlining exogenous ketones, and dropping an #experimentaldiet hashtag everywhere have been taking the internet by storm of late.   Which can only mean one thing…ketogenic dieting has taken up the mantle of being today’s current nutritional trend, and is rising to the occasion.   In the weird…

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leveraging training intensity

Leveraging Training Intensity For Greater Gains

Intensity is a good thing.   No, scratch that. Intensity is great thing.   But while bringing your “A” game is a prerequisite for success, it’s also been known to be the downfall of many. And in this article, we’re going to talk about that: the good, the bad, and the ugly of intensity.  …

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