time under tension

Time Under Tension: A Battled-Tested Training Protocol

When it comes to building muscle, there are a lot of factors that come into play.   You have the basics: rep ranges, total sets, rest periods, technique and exercise choice. But, there is one variable that often gets neglected, if not forgotten about altogether.   The amount of time you actually spend lifting weights.…

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Donut Dieting: How To Use IIFYM To Eat Your Favorite Foods

Look, we live in a misunderstood world where some people think weights don’t need to be re-racked, crunches burn belly fat, legs don’t need to be trained, and that you must eat like a rabbit to get lean. If eating like a rabbit is the only way to getting lean, that just sounds cruel and…

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How To Combine Protein, Carbs, And Fats For Optimal Results

Ah, the timeless debate of what makes up optimal macronutrient combinations. While prevalent for years in bodybuilding circles, I’ve seen bits and pieces of the debate start to trickle down to the general population. While not the end all be all of debates or physique-altering factors, the combination in which you eat your macronutrients can…

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How To Look Your Best In Your 30s (And Beyond)

Shhh….do you hear that? It’s slow, methodical, and it sounds like it’s ticking. A tick-tock that signals the present is now the past, and the future is crashing into you. Oh wait. I forgot. You don’t know what that ticking sound is because you’re one of those millennials who grew up with digital clocks everywhere.…

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fat loss on easy mode

How to Put Your Fat Loss on Easy Mode

If you search for “how to lose fat,” you’re going to find millions of articles, tips, and tricks, all promising that they finally have the solution. This article is different. Rather than talk about specific techniques, I want to talk about mindset. In the fitness industry, we have an endless amount of diets you can…

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