How To Build Muscle When You Reach 30

There’s no denying that when you reach the age of 30, things become different. You tend to be more focused on pursuing your career, taking care of your family, or even slacking off rather than strengthening your body and keeping your health at an optimum. Some may have been the most envied body back when…

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cardio or interval training ropes

Cardio Or Interval Training?

I see that you’re trying to get your life back on the healthy track – which is why you’ve chosen to take some time off of your day to read this article. Welcome, today I’ll help you understand and find out what fits you better – steady-state cardio or intensive training. What are steady-state cardio…

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Superhero Strong, Lean and Jacked

Some of my favorite superheroes have a physique that many would deem to be unfathomable – you know what I’m talking about. Lean, muscular, athletic, and powerful. Physiques that take years of hard work and dedication to grow and develop. Hell, even those who heroes are mostly portrayed as ‘regular humans’ (daredevil and batman are…

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Top 40 Fitness Professionals to Follow in 2019

As you take your first steps into 2019, I want to be certain you are the cutting edge when it comes to your training and nutrition information.  So, once again, I put together a list of the top 40 fitness professionals you should be following in 2019. These aren’t your everyday Joe Blows posting shirtless…

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red bull doesn't give you wings this workout does lats

Red Bull Doesn’t Give You Wings…This Workout Does

Well developed lats are one of the hallmarks of an awesome physique. For men, it shows that, in fact, you even lift bro. It adds width and makes those percolating pectorals pop. Because let’s be real, you don’t want to be that guy with the pigeon legs, a pancake arse and no back because everyday…

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