reinvigorate your workouts

Get Back in the Game: 3 Tricks to Reinvigorate Your Workouts

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a long period of workouts that felt like hell. You know, workouts so bad you wondered why you were even in the gym in the first place. Look, it happens to everyone from time to time. And if you’re reading this right now thinking it can’t happen to…

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why women need a different training approach

9 Reasons Why Women Need A Different Training Approach

Since my article on the natural muscular potential of women went viral with over ten thousand shares on Facebook alone, my inbox has been flooded with the question “How should women train and diet?” Here’s the answer.   But first, to put many of the differences between men and women in context, it helps to…

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How to “Choke” Yourself for Greater Gains

Autoerotic Asphyxiation = I like to be choked during sex. Why do people enjoy this? Well, when you have trouble breathing, it induces the panicked fight or flight response in the body.   There is an increase of adrenaline and cortisol, and neurological arousal (a real term) is very heightened. Essentially you FEEL everything more.…

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3 Keys to Jacked Arms: Frequency, Sequencing, and Forearms

“Curls for the girls” may be a cute catch phrase that many dudes use to justify only training chest and biceps. Despite it’s cuteness, “curls for the girls” has been a driving force of motivation for meatheads to get into the gym and throw the semi-rusted iron around. In that case, maybe it’s not such…

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The Real Reason That “One Weird Trick” Works

Fitness marketing always seems to advertise that one weird trick, strange secret, or simple solution. The marketers play into your fitness frustration and sell you a special way to overcome the obstacles… Do X to get jacked. Eat Y to get shredded. Drink Z to get strong.   Fill in the blank with whatever “weird…

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