building jacked arms

Building Jacked Arms I The Swoliest of Pumps

Sit down, saddle up, and prepare to dive into what will be the swoliest arm workout you’ve done in a long time.   Complete with video demos, notes on exercise execution, and what each movement should feel like, prepare to stretch your sleeves, while blowing up your arms with an ungodly, skin-splitting pump.   Let’s…

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you need glutes

Guys, You Need Glutes Too

Fellas, regularly training your glutes is the best thing that you’re not doing for your physique, and that needs to change, today.   Hear me out…   Unless you too happen to be blessed with the thundering quads, hanging hamstrings, and juicy glutes born from a combination of favourable genetics and playing hockey for 12…

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fat shredder kickboxing fsk-12

JMax Fitness Podcast: Fat Shredder Kickboxing With Mike Zhang

Special guest Mike Zhang (creator of FSK-12) joins us in this episode of the JMax Fitness Podcast. In this episode, we discuss: Mike “The Champ” Zhang’s cure for long, slow, boring cardio. The 3 Phase System to using shadow boxing for fat loss. An example fat loss workout you can do at home with zero…

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training too hard

7 Signs You’re Training Too Hard

When discussing exercise or nutrition, many people talk about how to improve focus or boost performance. But, a lot less is said on when you should stop, or reduce training volume. The high emphasis on work ethic means we can miss when an athlete is working too hard.   This is a problem because excessive…

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how to track macros

How to Track Macros

Tracking macros can be a daunting task.   When I first started tracking, there wasn’t any such thing as phone apps. Every time I ate something, I would have to look up the ingredients, measure (or estimate) the food amounts, calculate the macros in each food and then log this all in an excel sheet…

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