from string bean to brick house: bulking 101

From String Bean To Brick House: Bulking 101

Ever bought a T-shirt that when you put it on, you mistaken your arms for two lone dangling threads? Do some of your shirts, jumpers and hoodies feel like you’re wearing a wind sock that you either have to boil wash them or you end up shopping in the kids isle just to get something…

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how to build muscle and strength while injured lunge

How To Build Muscle and Strength While Injured

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to build as much muscle as the Rock, but you move and feel like the Tin Man. In your mind, there are two options. The first option is to flip your joints the middle finger and go H.A.M. on your muscles. You’ll move worse…

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The complete guide to fat shedding cardio boxing

The Complete Guide to Fat Shedding Cardio

The path to a jacked and shredded physique is not rocket science: lift weights and eat right. But once you dial in a weightlifting program to build strength and size, and you’re nailing your macros on a daily basis, you could still struggle to burn the last couple pounds of body fat shielding your hard-earned…

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the 5 best back building exercises

The 5 BEST Back Building Exercises

Backs are sexy. At least that’s what the Instagram hashtag #backsaresexy tells me. While booty-blaster circuits, core-crushing workouts, and bikini-body challenges are all the rage these days, nothing beats the magnetism of a well-chiselled, strikingly-shaped, muscular back. Crafting a posterior that Olympian demigod The Incredible Hercules would be proud of is no mean feat however.…

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the truth about estrogen curl

The Truth About Estrogen

If you spent any time building muscle you’ve been privy to the negativity surrounding estrogen. The bad rep in the body building community for estrogen is thanks to its association with subcutaneous fat. Since the hormone is predominantly attributed to women who end to have higher body fat, it’s naturally assumed that estrogen is bad…

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