Get Your Peak Physique With This Muscle Building Pyramid

If you’re reading this, there are two things I already know about you… You want a better physique… And you want a method to the madness of building that better physique. So you came to the right pyramid, I mean, place… Over my own muscle building journey, which started out by adding 27 pounds of…

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All About High-Frequency Training

It’s been a myth for sometime that high frequency training contributes towards burn out, training plateaus and in some cases a decline in fat loss. But what are the real facts behind high frequency training, the positives, the negatives and what can you do to offset your training and diet to inhibit the dreaded plateau…

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Body Fat Tests: Valuable Tool or Total Waste of Time?

Curiosity killed the cat but it made the humans smarter. When you start focusing on getting healthier, more fit, or losing weight eventually you get curious about your body fat percentage. There are a few things to note before even looking into which test conduct, if any at all. All tests are wrong to a…

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do you even glutes bro rdl

Do You Even Glute, Bro?

When was the last time you heard a guy say “hey dude I’ve got glutes today, see you in an hour”. Yeah, me neither. Chest, Back, Legs and Shoulders are all days in the typical body part resistance training split. It’s ok to train your quads and hamstrings but don’t you dare mention glutes, that’s a…

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the best muscle building dumbbell exercises curl

The BEST Muscle Building Dumbbell Exercises

So you want to get jacked, but you’re limited to using only dumbbells for your workouts? This could happen for a lot of reasons. Maybe you’re building a home gym, and dumbbells are the only equipment you have. Or you belong to a commercial gym that doesn’t have a great selection of other weights or…

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